Arreola Open Work Out Sends Mixed Signals

Report & Photos By William Trillo


Truth be told WBC Heavyweight title challenger Chris Arreola looked much better than the rumors had led us to believe. He has definitely trimmed down from the last time we saw a picture of him in public at a fight on August 1st, and although he jokingly told one reporter he is around 280 pounds it seems more likely that was a smoke screen and he may be closer to the mid 260's.

The one rumor Chris would not deny but instead confirmed was the fact that he has missed some workouts. His explanation was that if he would have shown up on those days he would have been "half ass", so why show up at all? At best that is some very convoluted logic.

In regard to his diet Arreola said that eating has never been a problem and then pointed to beer consumption as being his Achilles Heel. "I love my beer," he said. Really not sure if that means he is abstaining during training or not.

As to the workout itself, there were times that Arreola looked pretty quick and sharp, especially on the mitts, but there were other times while on the heavy bag that he would stop in between rounds and go to the back room and take a full round off before resuming. It's unclear why he felt the need to got to the back but it seemed he was running low on fuel.

In other words, as I said, it was mixed signals.

Physically Chris looked way better than expected and he showed flashes of taking this Championship fight very seriously. But there were moments of looking like he was not completely in shape or totally focused. But as always Arreola was very honest about his training habits, both good & bad.

As he turned to his promoter Craig Goossen with a smile and said, "I am going to win this fight," he made it clear he is going to give everything he has, whatever that is, against Vitali Klitschko, that is something we all can can't on.

Stay tuned to for Video of today's open workout.

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