Bigger Is Better,
Or The $600,000.00 Investment?

By Ray Flores

Staying on his feet for twelve rounds was a magnificent feat for the 144 pound Marquez. Since no one can argue with the sheer physics of being outweighed by the actual unknown weight of Floyd "Money" Mayweather, who literally purchased the guarantee of a victory for $600,000.00. Did he not have the confidence of his skills and really needed that extra edge? Mayweather absolutely overpowered the smaller, lighter Juan Manuel Marquez. Who is not convinced after this event that Mayweather has the skills of a great fighter? This was a very decisive victory, but was it an even playing field?

Mayweather scored a knock down in the second round and then nailed Marquez with a flurry of devastating punches, from then on Marquez looked frustrated and very disheartened. It was very obvious that Mayweather performed magnificently against the smaller man, who was definitely at an obvious disadvantage in height, weight and strength. Did Mayweather really need the weight advantage? Did he not have the belief in his skills at the on set of this bout? Did he doubt the outcome? Was Mayweather so fearful of losing his comeback that he was motivated to make an investment in the penalty of $600,000.00? Was it worth it for him to carry the extra weight; was it an insurance policy for victory? Could his ego not withstand the chance of a loss? What was his real weight at the beginning of the fight? Was it an honest victory?

Mayweather had an unbelievable edge in punch stats. Fifty-nine percent of his blows, 290 of 493 blows landed with a comparison of 12% of the 583 Marquez punches that landed. It was an unbelievable performance. Mayweather's skills as well as style were unquestionably superior to Marquez. Then why did he feel he needed the extra weight at the onset if he didn't have doubts about himself? He himself said that a bigger man had the advantage over a little man. Is he that insecure? Remember, Mayweather chose Marquez for this bout and deliberately side stepped Pacquiao. At an even weight did Mayweather believe that he would lose to Marquez and or a Pacquiao? Could it be, that against a Pacquiao at an even weight Pacquiao would stand a much better chance of defeating Mayweather? Is there a weakness in the Mayweather armor? Is he fearful of Pacquiao and will therefore do all he can to avoid facing him in the ring? Did Mayweather just bolster his confidence by defeating Marquez who just 18 months ago lost a narrow decision to Manny Pacquiao? Will Pacquiao be Mayweather's next opponent?

These facts remain, Mayweather refused to be reweighed prior to the fight, so the real advantage of his size will remain a mystery we may never have an answer to. Marquez was chosen over Pacquiao for Floyd's comeback debut. He stated that the bigger man always has the advantage over the little man. He deliberately toyed with Marquez throughout the fight bolstering his ego. He's been away for two years, he obviously needed to prove something to himself and/or elevate some self doubt he has deeply within himself. His performance, offensive and defensive skills were no doubt superior to Marquez. He is a great fighter, but other facts remain. He side stepped Pacquiao, and chose a smaller man, and paid $600,000.00 to insure his own victory against that man. Does he have some real insecurity, and really doubts his skills against an adversary with talents that match his own.


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