Brinkley Gets By Paschall

By Jung Chul

Jesse Brinkley returned to the ring on Friday Night, however, they were not under the terms he hoped for. Having cut himself from 207 lbs. to weigh-in at a career high 175, Brinkley settled on fighting Mike Paschall rather than a "King Kong" type of opponent. Needless to say Brinkley was not at his best. Paschall, however, took the assignment seriously as he counter-punched and frustrated Brinkley throughout. Most of the fight had Brinkley leading and landing the heavier blows. Although the feeling was that the scoring was close, Brinkley closed the final round landing heavy right hands that stunned Paschall and sealed the victory. Brinkley won by the scores of 97-93 twice and 96-94.

"I tried to feint him a few times. I tried a few different things. I tried countering his counter," Brinkley said. "I felt slow at 175 (pounds). It's my fault for getting that heavy. I was so slow. It's almost embarrassing."

Brinkley is looking for a title fight with his preference being against Kelly Pavlik or Allan Green. In his words he is looking to fight "King Kong for King Kong type of money."

Rustam Nugaev dominated Orlando Membreno throughout their super lightweight fight landing an assault in the sixth round that Membreno's corner mercifully stopped the contest after.

Two combinations of brothers fought on the undercard with mixed results. Dmitri and Fedor Chudinov scored first round, under one minute, knockouts against their severely overmatched opposition. Fedor knocked out Shawn Kirk with the first punch he threw and Dmitri dropped his opponent twice (second time with a brutal body punch). The other brothers, Tyler and Derek Hinkey, were not as fortunate. Tyler engaged in a close, hard fought battle with Andrae Carthron for six rounds with Carthron winning a majority decision. Older brother Derek would injure his hand in the first round and go on to win a less than spectacular decision against the hand headed Loren Myers.

Other results were Matt Remillard going to 18-0 by knocking out Tyler Ziolowski in a minute and a half. Remillard has won a few regional titles and is continuing to impress. Leo Santa Cruz won a six round decision against Johnathan Velardez to go to 9-0-1 and Andrew Remp won a decision over Jose Pacheco to earn his first win.