Brinkley & Gilbert Finally Get It On

By Jung Chul

A year and a half have past since the first fight card promoted by Lets Get It On Promotions with Jesse Brinkley calling out Joey Gilbert. Nevertheless, Northern Nevada started demanding the fight back when Joey and Jesse were on the reality series The Contender Season One. Joey gained a reputation as a natural athlete who had the least professional experience and would have to persevere to make it as far as he did. Jesse came into the series a world ranked fighter who showed charisma and a no nonsense attitude. After both fighters failed to win the reality show, it seemed logical that the two would fight in a battle for Northern Nevada.

Logic does not always take precident and the two would go their separate paths. Joey would go on to win a regional title and gain a world rating. Jesse would go to be defeated by former world champion Robin Reid and Joey Spina. Joey started to become the toast of Reno, promoting his own fights and riding a wave that may have lead him to a world title fight. By that time Jesse hooked up with Terry and Tommy Lane of Lets Get It On Promotions and they started resurrecting his career.

After inaugural fight card of Lets Get It On, Jesse once again called out Joey Gilbert for a fight which all the fans cheered for. A few months later Joey insisted that Jesse was not on his radar and that it would not make sense for him to fight Jesse. A few weeks later Joey would test positive for steroid use and suddenly his wave to a world title fight crashed. Jesse once again branded Northern Nevada as Brinkley country while Joey fought for his license to fight once again.

Last fall Joey would receive his boxing license back and once again the most logical fight to be made would be Jesse Brinkley vs. Joey Gilbert. After negotiations, the fight was set and finally Northern Nevada would get their superfight.

After two years of running and making excuses not to fight, Joey Gilbert would continue to run in the ring. Instead, Gilbert started the fight out scared, running around the ring as if it were a track meet throwing ineffective punches that were not close to landing let alone doing any damage. Jesse stood and laughed at one point trying to get Joey to trade with him. Jesse won the first few rounds due to Joey's refusal to actually fight.

In the fifth round Jesse connected an overhand right that knocked Gilbert down, breaking his nose in the process. Joey had a few stands where he fought back, nonetheless, he was never in the fight. The Reno crowd became restless in the middle rounds and began to boo the running of Gilbert. Down the stretch Jesse kept the pressure with a few stands by Joey that went back into running. In the end both fighters traded in the middle of the ring where Jesse once again got the best of Gilbert.

The scores were announced to a crowd who pretty much already knew the outcome as 120-107 twice and 119-108 for the winner Jesse Brinkley (33-5) in a fight that looked more like a good pro fighting a good amateur downing Joey Gilbert for his second defeat (17-2).

“The best man won,” said Brinkley, who weighed 165 pounds, as did Gilbert. “It felt great after all this time to get in there and beat him. I figured he’d get up. I give Joey Gilbert credit, but he ran a lot. I trained to fight, but he trained to run. I’m sorry. I wanted to knock him out, but he ran.”

“The broken nose changed everything,” said Gilbert. “I couldn’t see and I couldn’t breath. I have some things to work on and then I’ll think about a rematch.”
The Northern Nevada boxing community was treated to a great boxing event despite the one sided fight.

A raucus crowd of 6,626 fans attended, after Terry Lane of Lets Get It On Promotions proclaimed, "Reno is a fight town once again!"

In the semi-main event Rafael Valenzuela (12-1) defeated Yogli Herrera (21-7-1) in a eight round fight by majority decision scores 77-77, 77-75 and 79-73. Valenzuela had a few rocky moments in the beginning of the fight as the crafty veteran landed the more effective punches. As the rounds went on Valenzuela outclassed Herrera to cruise to victory.

Also on the undercard, super middleweight prospect Derek Hinkey (7-1) picked up his second first round knockout victory in a row over Ariel Espinoza (6-7-2). Espinoza came out swinging to be dropped by an overhand right. Espinoza beat the count, however, he was met by the vicious combinations of Hinkey until the fight was stopped at 2:10.