Undercard Results From The
Broad Street Brawl In Philadelphia

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey & William Trillo

The co-main event for the Hopkins, Ornelas fight was between Danny Garcia of Philadelphia and Enrique Colin of Guasave, Mexico. The two were fighting for the WBC Youth Intercontinental Junior Welterweight Title. Judging by record, I might have said that Colin had an advantage because of his experience. But Garcia, who is undefeated, easily beat Colin. Garcia knocked Colin down in the first round, landing a right, left combination. As soon as this happened, Garcia became very aggressive. It was obvious that he was looking for a quick knock out. And he got it. Fifty-five seconds into the second round, Garcia landed an uppercut, knocking out Colin and easily winning the title.

Karl Dargan of Philadelphia defeated Samuel Santana of Carolina, Puerto Rico. In the first round, Santana had the advantage, turning Dargan to keep from being hit. But Dargan began to adjust his strategy in the second. He was ducking more of Santanaís punches. Santana went down in the second. In the fourth, Santana pushed Dargan down with his elbow. Both fighters were getting tangled up in each other, and Dargan began to move more causing Santana to miss. Santana was looking frustrated. However, Santana looked much more aggressive in the beginning of the fifth. He was able to back Dargan against the ropes. However, he could not keep him there. Dargan moved the fight back to the middle of the ring, and toward the end of the round, backed Santana against the ropes. Dargan won the unanimous decision. The judges' scores were 60-53, 57-54, 59-54.

The other noteworthy fight belonged to the featherweights. Guadalupe, DeLeon defeated Derrick Wilson. In the first round, Wilson came out strong, fists flying. He appeared to be throwing, and even landing, three punches to every one that DeLeon threw. But DeLeon showed that he had an answer for Wilsonís speed. He started to take control of the fight half way through the second round. He was moving more, ducking and weaving. By the third round, Wilson looked like he was running out of energy. This continued through the fourth and final round. Wilson was worn out. DeLeon was much more aggressive, giving a strong finish to the end of the fight. DeLeon won the split decision.

Mike Perez beat Ron Boyd by TKO in the second round. In the first round the two fighters seemed to just move around the ring. They clashed a few times, but nothing noteworthy. The crowd was growing restless by the end of the second. Perez did more in the second round. And Boyd did very little. Twice he went down on one knee. The referee stopped the fight at 2:09 in the second.

In the first fight of the evening, Jessie Vargas won a TKO victory over Travis Hartman, and in the second fight of the evening, Lamont Barnes won by majority decision over Teneal Goyco.


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