The Brothers Are Having A Great Camp...Ay?

By William Trillo


It's less than 2 weeks away for IBF # 1 Super middle contender Librado Andrade to get his rematch with Champion Luian Bute in Quebec City and 4 days after that his brother will step up to Light Heavy as he fights the biggest fight of his career when he takes on Bernard Hopkins in Philadelphia.

The report from Howard Grant's Montreal gym is all systems are go and the brothers may very well be having the training camps of their lives. "Howard and Nick worked us very hard but at the same time they are making it so easy for us to realize our dreams'" said a confident Andrade. "Everything they are showing us is priceless and the night of our fights we will put all the pieces together and make them proud", added Andrade.

It's been a complete team effort this time according to Andrade and from their physical therapist Gustavo who is keeping the boys limber and loose to sparring partners Alexander Johnson and Shaun George, this camp is more like a big family than guys trying to kick each others butts every day.

Andrade noted, "Every day we work together in the gym and try to help each other learn something new in the ring and then afterward we all go to lunch together and laugh and have a great time. This has been a great experience for everyone and we are having the time of our lives."

At the end of the day Andrade best summed it up like this, "We are all one and we push each other very hard because we all have the same goal and a dream. We are one in our journey and our plan is to be victorious no matter what.


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