Camacho-Campas Report & Photos


By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez

Photos: Tom “Teriffic” Sisson



 Orlando, Florida – It was very much clear after the cancellation of Campas-Camacho in the State of New Jersey, They took their gloves and went south to the Universal Center in Orlando, Florida. And we are so glad they did, “Macho Man” and Campas battled it out in a junior middleweight fight that was actually pretty good.


This was not a Jurassic Park match, these two fought very hard to an eight round draw, and really showed up with a legitimate Mexican – Puerto Rican battle.



Yori Boy Campas (92-14-1, 74 KO’s) was clearly on red bull in this one he matched punch for punch with the gain Hector Camacho (79-5-3, 38 KO’s) fighting in the inside Campas landing great shots to Camacho body, It was clear Camacho would just keep coming forward and fight Campas form the in side landing good jabs and combinations to the head and body, Campas refused to retreat and clock Camacho with good overhand rights to the head.


Make no mistake about it the State of Florida Boxing Commission should be credited for giving the Tampa based promoter RFC Real Fighting Championship the opportunity with bringing this event to Florida.



 Campas and Camacho react to the decision of a draw with great enthusiasm both fighters fought very hard and lets not take away the fact that they really had a good time in doing it just by their actions after the fight two legends one night to remember.