Preview Of The Contender Finale

By Barbara Pinnella

This time tomorrow we will know who will be the Contender Champion for season four. It has been an interesting series this time. We have been privy to the different sides and interests of these Cruiserweights: the sometimes quick temper of Alfredo Escalera, Jr.; the soft-spoken ways of Felix Cora, Jr.; Mike Alexander’s goal to go to culinary art school after his boxing career comes to an end; the weight problems that plagued Darnell Wilson; the second chance that was given to Joell Godfrey; and Deon Elam, who was supposed to fight on the undercard, but had to pull out due to an injured shoulder.

Tomorrow night, in a scheduled 10 round battle, it will be either Troy Ross or Ehinomen “Hino” Ehikhamenor who will have his arm raised in victory. We have the quiet yet confident Ross against the somewhat cocky “Hollywood Hino”. With both men having a lot of talent, this should be a very good fight.

The two men who lost to these two, allowing them to advance into the finale will face each other in an eight-round dance. Rico Hoye will face Akinyemi “A.K. 47” Laleye. Both these men gave a good account of themselves in the semi-finals, and I expect nothing less here.

The three other undercard fights are all six rounds. We will see Cora, the man who lost everything at the hands of Hurricane Ike, then also learned he lost his job, going against the elder statesman, Tim Flamos. There could not be a better example of good guy versus good guy here, and this should play out to be quite an interesting fight.

Young gun Ryan Coyne will face Richard Gingras. Coyne had to leave the tournament (after winning his fight with Flamos) due to a severe cut over his left eye, but now will get another chance. Gingras gave a good showing in his fight against Elam. Richard told me that he had was learning more to add to his arsenal, and he will get the chance to show that here.

Finally, Escalera will take on Erick Vega. These two are not best friends to say the least, and this will be the most emotional fight of the night, I predict. Will those feelings fuel the fighters, or will they cause one fighter to crumble?

So, will it be Troy or Hino that will be Contender Champion? It won’t be long now before we find out. Enjoy the fights on VERSUS. Check you local listings for the time.

Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,