Cotto Media Day Workout In Florida

By Damon ”LatinBox” Gonzalez
Photos: Walter “Butch” Flansburg


Tampa, FL – On his 29th Birthday, WBO Welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto made his way in the Fight Factory training camp for media day and a public work out for the fans. In his final public work out appearance before leaving this Sunday for Las Vegas, Cotto looked very serious, sharp and trimmed down.

All hands were on deck with Team Cotto working very closely with the Champ. Conditioning trainer Phil Landman commented, “I am honored to work with Cotto, we have really grown a lot in the past few years. This was a great opportunity to come and train here. We have bonded a lot as a team and Cotto is strong and very determined.”

Trainer Jose Santiago: “I am exited about what is happening. The results are great. He has worked extremely hard. Just seeing Miguel with the drive that he has is fantastic. He is a great listener. His stamina is incredible. He does not want to hear nothing but Pacquiao.”

Don. Miguel Cotto Sr.: “My son is very happy and very proud. He will not let his fans down. This training camp has been hard work and sacrifice. I am pleased with were he is right now. I am very proud of everyone.”

Miguel Cotto: “This is a very big fight for me. Every fight is special. I have to prove to myself that I am the best. I’m asking a lot from myself to fight well. I have to be the best. No worries for me. I tell you that Freddie Roach can say what ever he wants. That is not going to change the plans that I have to execute fight night. My opinion of Manny Pacquiao's way of fighting is still that same, it didn’t change. He is the same fighter.”


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