Undercard Results For Saturday
Night At Madison Square Garden

By Tim Donaldson

The only undercard to be televised was that of Matt Korobov and Cory Jones. Korobov, a former Russian Olympic boxer, has seemed to go a long way in only three fights. All of his fights have been in big venues. His first fight was on the undercard of Holt, Hopkins at Boardwalk Hall, his second was on the undercard of Mosley, Margarito at the Staples Center, and now the undercard for Cotto, Jennings at Madison Square Garden. But judging by the first three rounds, one would have to wonder why he has had this honor.

In the first round, both Korobov and Jones were extremely cautious. Neither seemed to risk anything. It was obvious that the crowd was not happy with the fight. The next two rounds were slow, with nothing more than brief exchanges between the fighters. As the fourth round ticked by, it looked as though it were going to the score cards. But at the last possible second, literally 2:59 into the round, Korobov caught Jones with a right hand to the jaw. The fight was over. Korobov won by knock out. Although it was a slow fight, Korobov clearly was winning the fight, landing twice the number of punches as Jones. Even if it had gone to the score cards, Korobov would have been the winner.

The only real upset of the evening belonged to Kina Malpartida. Malpartida defeated Maureen Shea for the WBA Super Featherweight title, giving Shea the first defeat of her career. Even though Shea seemed to have more style than Malpartida, bobbing and weaving and constantly moving throughout the fight, she was unable to overcome Malpartida’s height advantage. Malpartida was able to move less and use her reach advantage throughout the fight. Shea did seem to control the first two rounds, even knocking down Malpartida in the first round. But by the third round, Malpartida was clearly in control of the fight. Malpartida would have won even if the fight had gone to the score cards, but she finished the fight at 1:35 in the tenth round by knocking out Shea.

In the Super Bantamweight division, Jorge Diaz defeated Lante Addy. Diaz has been proving himself to be a strong fighter. Diaz was able to control the action of the fight by moving in and out, waiting for an opening, and then coming in swinging. He did this throughout the fight. The only round that Diaz found himself in trouble was in the third. Addy landed a punch to the head of Diaz. Diaz danced around, trying to shake it off. He looked much slower this round and hit less. But Diaz was able to bounce back from this and finished the fight strong. Diaz won by unanimous decision.

Super Welterweight Pawl Wolak won by TKO against Norberto Bravo in a lack luster fight. The first two rounds saw pretty even action between the two fighters, neither really distinguishing himself as the dominant fighter. One minute and 33 seconds into the third, Pawel caught Bravo in the corner and was able to knock him down. The referee stopped the fight.

The bout between Super Featherweights Angel Rodriguez and Hector Marengo ended in a majority draw. Rodriguez controlled the first two rounds, although Marengo started to turn the fight around in the end of the second. By the third round, Marengo clearly was controlling the fight. And in the fourth, both fighters were fighting to get that win. Judges John Signorelli and Robert Perez both gave the first two rounds to Rodriguez and the last two to Marengo. Judge Robin Taylor gave all four rounds to Marengo.

The first bout of the evening was between Terrell Nelson and Lenroy Thomas. The fight seemed very one-sided from the beginning, with Thomas looking much more like a fighter than Nelson. By the third round, Nelson had tired himself out and was throwing extremely sloppy punches with little or no power behind them. Thomas won the unanimous decision.