Danny Green Machine Interview

By William Trillo
Photo: Marlene Marquez
Danny Green
By now everyone in boxing is well aware of what Light Heavyweight Danny Green did to Roy Jones Jr. in Australia a couple of weeks ago. Coming off that first round blow out of Jones, Green made a trip Stateside to come watch the Gary Shaw promoted fights in California. Before Green left for his home down under promoter Gary Shaw made it possible for us to chat with Green to find out what his plans are after that huge victory.
Pound4Pound.com: Danny it's great to talk with you. How the heck are you?
Green: I am doing fantastic mate. I came over here to watch Vic Darchinyan fight and now I am in Las Vegas relaxing before I head back home tomorrow.
P4P: Danny, I have to ask you, could that bout with Jones gone any better for you than it did?
Green: NO! You know I was very confident of the victory but I didn't expect it to come that early. But when you get the opportunity to put Jones away early like that you have to take it. After he got up from the knockdown I hit him with some 40 unanswered punches and he was in a bad way so the ref had to do what he did. Jones came out hard and was snapping that jab but he gave me a chance when he went to the ropes and I hit him cleanly. I never visualized the fight would end like that but, the end result is I am very satisfied.
P4P: On the very same day Bernard Hopkins was victorious in his fight with Enrique Ornelas and the plan was for Bernard to take on Roy next. Do you think that now you disposed of Jones that you will get the chance to take that fight with Hopkins?
Green: We have been in contact with Bernard but unfortunately boxing can be a fickle sport at times and putting a fight together is not always that easy. There is always egos involved but we can sit down like grown men and talk it out, there is always a solution to leave both parties happy and make the fight possible.
P4P: Do you feel that Bernard is open to the conversation?
Green: Without a doubt! It will happen when the ball starts rolling and things are done fairly.
P4P: I don't think it's a secret that you are working with Gary Shaw over here now. Do you see him being able to help that ball start rolling in negotiations with Bernard?
Green: Gary is a great advisor and he knows the Hopkins people so I am sure he is going to help the process immensely. When it comes to going into negotiations now, with Gary, I know we are not going to get hoodwinked. Gary always looks out for the best interest of his fighters, he is a great guy to have in your corner.
P4P: Agreed, you can count on Gary. With that said, it was good to see you get some camera time in the crowd on Saturday night. Hopefully the next time the camera is on you over here you will be in the ring doing what you do best.
Green: That would be fantastic mate. I love coming to America, the people are fantastic, friendly and polite. I would love to fight here, no problem at all.


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