Fight Night Results From Orlando, FL

By Ronielt Castro

In the main event, Eliecer Castillo vs. Charles Davis, both fighters began round one feeling out their opponent, but the real action started to pick up in round number two. Davis began ripping to the body and establishing ring dominance while Castillo was content in looking for the one punch knockout. Castillo spent most of the night simply looking for the one punch knock out, while Davis established the jab along with devastating body and head combinations. Davis fired off right hand to the body and followed it up with left hooks to the head all night long.

The fight of the night however was the youngster from Mexico, Daniel Lozano, who packed a serious punch. Daniel stalked his opponent like a true Mexican warrior by going to the body and head with the left hook. He looked to find his range and shorten his distance to establish the jab. Both fighters traded right hands in round one. In round two, the Mexican continued cutting off the ring and looking to throw the left hook. He finally caught Ortiz flush on the chin with the left hook that ended the night early for Ortiz. Lozano said after the fight he felt a little rusty, but was glad to be back in the ring and hoped to be a world champ someday.

Charles Davis 210.25 won unanimous decision over Eliecer Castillo 221.
scores were 59-58, 59-58, 59-55

Daniel Lozano 110.25 KOd Steven Ortiz 110.5 in round two

Farkhad Shaipov 138.25 KOd Marco Cortes 140 in round one Chris Boykin 200.25 won a majority decision vs. Jermy May 194.75. Scores were 39-37,39-37,38-38

Roger Rosa 130 won a unanimous decision over Cesar Cisneros 129.5.
Scores were 39-37,39-37,39-37

Roy Boykin 221 KOd Andres Rivera 244 in round one.


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