Undercard Results From
The Legendary Blue Horizon

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: Edan Davis

Although Friday night at the Blue Horizon ended with a once in a lifetime fight, the fights that went before were no less exciting. Junior Middleweight Jamaal Davis and Super Middleweight Dennis Hasson each had exciting wins over their opponents. The night opened with two fights that saw the pro debut of two fighters that look to be good prospects to watch in the future.

Jamaal Davis defeated Josh Onyango in a fight that would last all six scheduled rounds. Although Davis, a.k.a. Tyson, controlled nearly every round of the fight, there were moments when it looked as though Onyango might get in that lucky punch that would give him the fight. Onyango went down in the first round from a left to the chin. Onyango did not seem to have much of a defense besides holding, and he employed this technique quite often.

In the second round, Onyango was throwing lots of hooks. Although he was able to use them to get Davis up against the ropes, his hooks looked sloppy. Davis, on the other hand, was throwing more controlled punches. Onyango landed more punches in the third round, but his punches seemed to lack power. Again Onyango was holding to stop Davis. He would hold, and then attack the body of Davis. Both Davis and Onyango looked tired in the fourth round. Onyango spent much of the round with his head on the shoulder of Davis, using his weight to try to move him around the ring. Although Davis looked tired, he kept up the attack, and he kept Onyango off his shoulder in the fifth round by landing hard shots.

Davis clearly controlled the sixth round. Attacking the body of Onyango, Davis was able to put him in the corner. Davis landed a hard right to his chin. But Onyango was not ready to go down. He started a flurry of punches, landing several. Then, Davis began to hit back, effectively stopping Onyango. The fight went the distance, and Jamaal Davis won the unanimous decision.

Dennis Hasson had little trouble defeating Eric Pinaretta. As soon as the fight started, it was apparent that Dennis had better technique than Pinaretta. Dennis was moving in and out, looking for openings, and landing several good combinations. And that was just the first round. In the second, Dennis landed a left hook to the chin of Pinaretta. Pinaretta went down. Even when he got back up, he was wobbling around the ring. Dennis was using him as a punching bag, and Pinaretta was throwing just enough punches to keep the fight from being stopped. The third round was much the same. Dennis was dancing around Pinaretta, landing punches at will. It was hard to tell what was keeping Pinaretta up after being hit with a hard shot to his chin.

There is a time when it is now or never for a fighter. Maybe Pinaretta sensed that in the fourth round. He was now moving more, but mostly just to keep away from “The Assassin” Hasson. Pinaretta threw a hook that looked like he gave it everything he had, but it was not to be his night. The punch missed Dennis. And like the rounds before, Dennis was still using him as a punching bag. Even though Pinaretta tried to come back in the fifth round, Pinaretta’s corner decided to throw in the towel at 1:56.

The night started with a fight between Junior Lightweights Jason Sosa and Jonathan Ocasio. Even though it was Sosa’s pro debut, he looked like the seasoned fighter in the ring. He controlled the first round, pressuring Ocasio around the ring. Ocasio spent most of the round trying to block the punches coming from Sosa. Sosa controlled the second round, landing punch after punch on the body of Ocasio. Ocasio went down in the third round from a left hook. Referee Gary Rosado stopped the fight at 1:13 in the third.

Welterweight Miguel Corsino’s pro debut went much the same way. He was more aggressive than his opponent Keane Davis, pushing Davis around the ring. Although Davis was able to knock Corsino down in the first round, Corsino came right back. He then knocked Davis down. In the second round, Corsino landed a left hook causing Davis to stumble. Davis went down two times in the second but survived the count before Corsino knocked out Davis with a right hook. The fight was over 2:33 in the second round.

Heavyweight Jason Barnett knocked out John Poore in the third round. Poore, hesitating when he would try to move in, would get hit every time. It was a left to the chin of Poore that put him down. Ardrick Butler had little trouble defeating Epi Cosme Rodriguez. Butler knocked Rodriguez down twice before the referee put an end to the fight at 2:25 in the first.


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