Quick Notes From Jason Estrada

By Super Fly Aaron Dye


Pound4Pound recently caught up with Jason Big Six Estrada and got his views for his upcoming match with former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek.  Estrada (16-2, 4 KOs) takes on Adamek (37-1, 27 KOs) February 6, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey for the IBF International Title in a scheduled 12 round bout.  Here is what the former amateur star and 2004 USA Olympic representative had to say in regards to the showdown:


Hey Jason, youve got a tough match made with Tomasz Adamek, who just entered the heavyweight division with his devastating destruction of Andrew Golota.  How are you approaching your training this time and what is your prediction on the fight?


Jason Estrada: As always, I feel that its really gonna be a good fight but I dont think he and his people really are going to be able to handle this decision [on who they picked as an opponent], you know what I mean?  He had good success at light heavy and had some success at cruiserweight, but this is the heavyweight division.  Im not old, Im not slow, you know I have great defense.  I can hit what I want to, you know what I mean?  Im tough in there; I dont understand why he would take this fight but he is going to have to go through hell.


What are you looking to do after this fight?  Do you have any plans?


Jason Estrada:  No, no, I actually like to just take it fight by fight.  I dont want to jump the gun; I want to stay focused on him.  Ive already started my training camp light, but well start to pick it up Monday.


Are you bringing any special training partners into camp to prepare for his style?


Jason Estrada: Weve been trying to look around, trying to see to see if we can get somebody who is at least similar in a way, but right now were just going around checking to see who we can get up here and hopefully everything works out.  Were going to win anyway, but I wanna step up the sparring this time.


Jason, thank you for your time and we wish the best of luck to you.  Expect to hear from us again to check on your progress.


Jason Estrada:  Aaron, thank you.  I appreciate it.


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