Mike Jones Knocks Out Raul Pinzon In Fifth Round;
Gabriel Rosado Defeats Latif Mundy
and Other Results From Ballyís in Atlantic City

By Tim Donaldson

Under the bright lights of the Ballyís Grand Ballroom in Atlantic City, Mike Jones increased his record from 18-0 with 15 KOís to 19-0 with 16 KOís. It never seemed to be a question of if Mike would win, but when. Raul Pinzon never backed down from Mike. He did his best to stay in the fight, but in the end, it was to be Mikeís night.

In the first round, Pinzon tried to put pressure on Mike, but the majority of his punches just didnít seem to be connecting. Then Mike landed a hard shot to the head of Pinzon. After that, Pinzon seemed a little less eager to get too close. Mike took control of the round from that point, not only the round but also the fight. He was doubling his jab, and he was landing more of his punches.

In the second round, Mike spent most of it following Pinzon around the ring. Pinzon would come in and try to fire off a shot, but Mike had no problem again controlling the round. In the third, however, Pinzon started to get brave. He started coming forward more, landing more jabs. At this point, Mike started doubling and tripling his jab. And when Pinzon would land a punch, Mike would answer it with a combination. Still Pinzon kept coming at Mike.

The fourth round signaled the beginning of the end. After being hit by a combination from Mike, Pinzon showed signs of being hurt. His punches looked wild. He was just looking to hit Mike with anything. The problem was he wasnít hitting Mike with anything that would stop him. Mike was still in control of this fight. The fifth round started right where the fourth left off. Mike was chasing Pinzon around the ring. After another combination, Pinzon stumbled. Mike just opened up and fired off several combinations. It was the end. Pinzon went down and did not get up until he was counted out. At one minute and forty seconds in the fifth round, Mike Jones won the fight.

It was one more victory for Mike Jones, one more knockout. But the question still remains, when will he get his title shot? How many more opponents like Pinzon and Arroyo does he have to fight before he will be noticed? You ask if he is ready. There is only one way to find out.

In the co-feature, Junior Middleweight Gabriel Rosado fought Latif Mundy. Unlike the Jones fight, the outcome of this fight was not so easily seen. When I spoke to Latif Mundy last week, he said that he was working on being more aggressive. He was just that. He threw the first punch in the first round. There was no testing each other in this round either. Mundy and Rosado were in a fight from the beginning, and Mundyís aggressiveness was keeping Rosado from being able to throw many punches in that first round. But that didnít mean that Mundy was dominating Rosado. Far from it. Rosado kept moving. This movement caused Mundy to miss with several of his punches.

In the second round, Rosado was able to catch Mundy on the ropes. The first half of the round was Rosadoís. But Mundy was able to get off the ropes. Mundy was able to come back at the end of the round, even though he slowed down some from the first round. He started the third round right where he left off in the second. The power from his punches could be heard in the first few rows. Still, Rosado did not back down and was able to land a few good shots of his own. After one, Mundy hit his own chest, letting Rosado know that he wasnít hurt.

Neither fighter backed down in the fourth, and you could see that both were talking trash to each other. Mundy started out the fifth round chasing Rosado, but Rosado was able to land a hard shot to the head of Mundy, helping to change the dynamic of the round. Mundy was still on the attack, but he did not seem to be doing quite enough. Instead of throwing combinations or doubling up on his jab, Mundy was just throwing a lot of single jabs.

Mundy and Rosado seemed to be wearing themselves out by the sixth round. Both were fighting with their left hands down. Mundy was able to catch Rosado on the ropes at one point, but Rosado was able to slip away. In the seventh, Rosado landed a combination. In turn, Mundy fired off a combination. Rosado again was able to land a combination. At this point, it became obvious that Mundy was not only hurt but also in trouble. Rosado unleashed on him, and Mundy couldnít respond to the barrage of punches coming his way. The referee stopped the fight at 1:53 in the seventh round.

Two other fights stood out. The first was between welterweights Josh Mercado and Epi Cosme Rodriguez. Although Mercado is ten years younger than Rodriguez and has about as much professional experience, he did not have the easy time that most of his fans thought he would have. Rodriguez wasted no time in the first round. He went straight for the body of Mercado. He pressured Mercado around the ring. Mercado was able to land a left to the head of Rodriguez, helping Mercado to finish the round strong.

In the second round, Mercado was much more aggressive. He was countering the punches coming from Rodriguez and landed several good shots to the head of Rodriquez. The third round started with Rodriguez landing more punches and chasing Mercado around the ring. However, Mercado was able to come back at the middle of the round. Mercado was able to stay in control in the fourth and final round. He was moving more and doubling his jab. Mercado won the majority decision.

The other fight that stood out was between welterweights Ronald Cruz and Ashantie Hendrickson. Although the fight started out slow, it did not stay that way. By the end of the first round, Cruz was chasing Hendrickson around the ring. But by the beginning of the second, Hendrickson was dominating the action. He was able to catch Cruz on the ropes and Cruz was having trouble fighting his way out. In the third, both fighters looked tired. Hendrickson at times looked to be landing more of his shots.

In the fourth, Hendrickson complained of being hit in the back of the head. It was at this point that Cruz just came to life. By the end of the round, Hendrickson looked not only tired but also hurt. The fifth round was back and forth between the two, and the sixth started with neither fighter backing down from the other. However, Hendrickson was able to catch Cruz on the ropes. This might not have been much of an advantage. Although Cruz was having trouble getting off the ropes, he was still landing more punches than Hendrickson. Cruz spun away from the ropes once, only to be caught there again. It didnít matter. All three judges scored the fight for Cruz.

Other results from the night. Mike Stewart won by unanimous decision over Louie Leija. Keith Kozlin defeated Khalil Farah by TKO in the third. Lastly, Phillip Jackson Benson knocked out Julio Sanchez at 2:59 in the first round.


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