Mike Jones vs. Larry Mosley: Strike Three

By Tim Donaldson

Itís off again. Larry Mosley pulled out of the fight over the weekend, forcing promoter Russell Peltz to find a new opponent for a fight only two weeks away. If you are keeping track, this is twice for Mosley. Jones injured his left bicep before the last fight was to take place. However, Mike Jones will be fighting on August 8. Russell Peltz was able to find a new opponent, and not just any opponent, but an opponent that has fought multiple times for world titles. Mike Jonesí new opponent will be Ben Tackie.

Ben Tackie might not be a household name, but many of the people he has fought are. Just last year he fought Kendall Holt. In 2003, he fought Ricky Hatton. Now he might have lost to both, but that does not mean that he is not dangerous. He is a fighter that has never been stopped in the ring. All of his losses come by way of decision. And 17 of his 29 wins come from knockout.

What does this mean for Mike Jones? First, this is a step up. He is now fighting someone that has fought against some of the best fighters out there. Tackie is not just a club fighter, just out to get paid, nor is he a washed up has been who has not had a big fight in years. A win against Tackie will give Jones more credibility in the boxing world. It will show that Jones too belongs in the ring with fighters like Kendall Holt.

However, it also means that Jones has to rethink his strategy, and he has less than two weeks to do it. Tackie is a totally different fighter than Mosley. Mosley is more of a boxer who likes to move around. Tackie likes to come at his opponent, keeping the pressure up on his opponent. This should not be a problem for Mike Jones. He has always liked to fight against boxers with this style. Mike Jones has proved on several occasions that he is not afraid to stand toe to toe and fight an opponent. But the question becomes does he want to stand toe to toe with a fighter like Tackie.

And for the fans, this should be a good fight. You have a seasoned professional in Ben Tackie fighting an up and coming fighter in Mike Jones. And donít forget, Mike Jonesí NABA Welterweight title is on the line, so neither Jones nor Tackie should be taking this fight too lightly. So August 8 should be a really good night at Ballyís in Atlantic City.