And Mike Jones Will Be Fighting…

By Tim Donaldson

Just when you think that you know something, you find that you do not. At least that is what I learned today. I thought I knew that Mike Jones would be fighting Ben Tackie on August 8; however, Mike Jones will not be fighting Ben Tackie. After going for his medical exam, Ben Tackie was told that he would not be cleared to fight. As of right now, Mike will be fighting Lenin Arroyo. Now he is not as well known, and has not fought as many well known fighters as Tackie, but he does share one thing with Tackie. Like Tackie, Arroyo has never been stopped in the ring. His losses all come by way of decision. Of course, this fight, like the last, all depends on Arroyo passing his medical exam. And Mike now has to mentally prepare for another fighter.

And this is not the only unexpected problem that promoter Russell Peltz has had to deal with now that the fight is only a week away. Patrick Majewski, who was to fight in the co-main event, has also had to pull out of the fight due to an injury suffered in the gym. So now a replacement has to be found for him too.

But according to Mike Jones’ manager, Doc Nowicki, Mike will be at Bally’s on August 8, fighting whoever is in the ring with him when the bell is rung, and he will give a good fight.


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