Kardashian Klobbered

By William Trillo
Photos: Bret "The Threat" Newton
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It was a wild night at The Commerce Casino at the Kardashian Charity Knock Out event on Tuesday night as a full house saw a crazy night of boxing that benefited the Dream Foundation.

In the opening charity event Rob Kardashian was hammered early in the first round by James Taylor. The awkward Kardashian was nailed with a haymaker that not only sent him tumbling under the ropes but knocked his headgear clear around his woozy dome.

Kardashian rose to his feet and finished the round but after one minute of warfare everyone had seen enough and the Kardashian corner along with the production staff stopped the fight, saving him from further humiliation at the heavy hands of Taylor.

In the 2 round main event his sister Kim Kardashian fared a bit better as she went the "grueling" two round distance with Tamara Frapasella.

The reality star showed up her brother by remaining on her feet but all was for naught as she was on the short end of a unanimous decision to Frapesella.

In the third charity fight the 59 year old Bruce Jenner showed he still has some athletic ability left in him when he dropped his opponent Mark Behar in round one and then forced him to quit on his stool after the second round.

Also on the card was a handful of "real" boxing action and the fights broke down as follows:

Jr. Lightweight Ivan Redkach KO'd Keith Kelly with a body shot at the 49 second mark of round one.

Welterweights David Garcia and Javier Romero saw their fight come to a two round technical draw after a headbutt opened a gash over Garcia's left eye.

Jr. Featherweight Leo Santa Cruz used a vicious body attack to stop Julio Valdez at the 1:22 mark of round one.

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