Lackluster Undercard
At The Prudential Center

By Tim Donaldson

The majority of the undercard bouts Friday night were far from exciting, one sided from the start. In fact, at times, I found myself thinking that if it were not for the dancers of the local indoor soccer team who came out between fights, there would be no entertainment value. I have to ask the question, if you are going to put on a championship fight, why canít you give the fans a quality undercard to get them ready for the main event?

Still, there were a couple of decent match ups. The first undercard of the evening featured Anthony Flores of Philadelphia against Iken Oriji of Laurel, Maryland. Although the fight started slow, neither really taking any chances in the first round, the fighters picked up the pace in the following rounds. In round three, they were having an old fashioned fight, at times looking like they belonged on the street, rather than in the ring. Flores won by unanimous decision. All three judges scored the bout 58 to 56. Although Flores won, he never seemed to really capitalize on his height advantage.

The other good match up of the evening was between Don Mouton and Jerson Ravelo. Throughout the fight, Ravelo showed better footwork, and he had the height advantage. Had it gone to the score cards, these might have helped. But Mouton, just kept pounding away at Ravelo, catching him on the ropes whenever he could and delivering good power punches. In the sixth round, Mouton hit Ravelo in the chin. Ravelo looked like he was going down then, but Mouton broke his fall. In the eighth round, Mouton was able to knock down Ravelo. The fight was stopped 49 seconds into the round. Mouton won by TKO.

Possibly the worst fight of the evening belonged to Jesse Lubash and Charles Tschorniawsky. Lubash controlled the fight from the beginning. And although Tschorniawsky was still standing, his corner stopped the fight at 1:22 in the second round. Tschorniawsky was still defending himself at the time and protested the decision to his corner. It was the first time that I have seen a fight stopped due to a bruised face.

The fight between Jeremy Bryan and Osvaldo Rivera ended in a unanimous decision for Bryan. Bryan won all six rounds. It wasnít hard to see why. Bryan easily out boxed Rivera. In fact, Rivera seemed to have only one punch, most of the fight, a left hook. It wasnít until the fourth round that I actually saw Rivera throw a right. Bryan chased him around the ring until the end of the sixth round. It was a fight that should have never been.

Much the same way was the fight between Henry Crawford and Keenan Collins. From the beginning, Collins was on the defensive, spending most of the fight with his hands up to protect his head. He barely got a shot in until the fifth round. Crawford won the unanimous decision, winning all six rounds.