Margarito/Capetillo Handed Down
One-Year Suspension

By Barbara Pinnella

It had just been announced that Antonio Margarito has had his boxing license revoked by the California State Boxing Commission for one year, as had his trainer, Javier Capetillo. This was due to the now quite public knowledge that Margarito was found to have what was described as a plaster-like substance in his wraps before his fight with Shane Mosley back in January. Javier said that he (Capetillo) made a mistake. That was one hell of a mistake.

Capetillo tried to get his fighter off the hook by indicating that Margarito did nothing wrong and had no knowledge that he had done anything improper. Now excuse me for sounding sarcastic here, butWHAT? Margarito just sits there like a lump, oblivious to what is going on? The gloves never feel any different; the hits never feel any harder? Well, maybe not, if that has been a common practice for him. Perhaps hes used to it. I would love to be so nave as to believe that he didnt know. But while I am new to boxing compared to a lot of you, even I cant step out on that limb. So what does that do to all of his victories, all of his accomplishments? Sorry for stating the obvious here, but it tarnishes everything he has done.

What must some of his opponents think now? Sparring partners? How many of them are pissed off? Im sure several of them, and I cant blame them. For them there is no true retaliation, other than the realization that he has been exposed as, for lack of a better word, a fraud..

Then there is Top Ranks promoter Bob Arum. He agrees that the trainer should be held responsible, but not Margarito. What a surprise, and yes, that is sarcasm! The trainer does not make him money! With Nevada likely to uphold the ruling of California, when Antonio does come back, where will he fight? Im sure many will buckle under. He will still be a draw, particularly for those who believe he is innocent. Well just have to wait and see.

There is no winner here. If Margarito did know what was going on, he deserves the punishment and more. If he did not yeah, right then he got a bad deal. His opponents have lost, in more ways than one, his sparring partners suffered, and everyone who has invested time and money in him are, for the present time at least, reduced to spinning their wheels trying to decide what to do next.

Boxing did not need a hit like this. Remember, it was the Margarito/Mosley fight that packed the Staples Center with the biggest crowd they have EVER had! And it was mainly due to the Mexican contingent that made those numbers that huge, and they came to see their hero, Antonio Margarito. It will be interesting to see how, or if, things play out in the future.

Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,