Floyd Mayweather Jr. Open Workout Pix & Quips

By Oliver Smith & Kenny Gallacher


It was another hot day in Las Vegas as Floyd Mayweather Jr. performed in front of the media as he prepares for his September 19th Las Vegas bout with Juan Manuel Marquez. As usual Floyd was not short on things to say.

Floyd Jr Ė Iím feeling strong, I feel in great shape, Iím feeling good! Iím always in top shape so getting in shape wasnít a question.

Marquez is Mexicoís Numero Uno, he deserves this fight. I was never just going to come back and fight anybody, I chose him. Heís tough, rugged, resilient and carries Mexicoís flag on his back with grace.

Iím going to bring excitement back to the sport, bring flash back to the sport of boxing.

It was my idea to have this fight shown at the movies! You can go get your popcorn and watch the fight, just like you would a movie!

Iím running 5-8 miles a day; Iím back in Tip-Top shape!

On why everyone is negative about him Ė ĎNegativity sells. If you go read 300 articles about me, 250 of them are all saying something bad and negative. But I'm the only fighter that hasn't lost.

Floyd Sr Ė Im here at the camp to support my son. Iím more concerned about the relationship with my son than whoís training him and who the best trainer is. I think itís going to be really important that he uses his jab in this fight.

Stay tuned to Pound4Pound for video of the days events.


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