No Flaws In Cotto's Camp

By Damon “Latinbox” Gonzalez


Tampa, Florida – The WBO Welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto has been on point with his intensive training at the Fight Factory, In preparation for “Fire Power” Cotto vs. Pacquiao live on HBO PPV November 14th.

Strength and conditioning trainer Phil Landman pretty much has been working extremely hard with Cotto preparing him for the fight, Landman includes that Cotto is very strong right now he runs up-cline up the treadmill for hours non stop, his diet has been good he is very focused and well prepared for battle, Well, right now.

No sight, No mind, In respects to his supporters and fans, Cotto has been under a lock down camp with no visits or any out side distractions, His sparring has been on point as well putting in a lot of work into his camp, It clearly shows that this camp seems a bit different from his past camp against Clottey.

Cotto had spent time working with HBO in Tampa with the filming of Cotto - Pacquiao 24/7. Then too go right back to work hours later. We will have Cotto – Pacquiao predictions and more coverage shortly.


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