No Problems For Vazquez After Weekend War
Manager Frank Espinoza Says No Damage Done

By William Trillo

Super Bantamweight Israel Vazquez had more than his share of work on Saturday that came at the hands of Angel Priolo, but after a tough bloody war Manager Frank Espinoza assured Pound4Pound that Israel did not have any serious injury befall him.

"The first thing I wanted to do was get Israel to a Doctor to have his eyes checked out and I am happy to tell you there was no damage to the retina," said Espinoza.

What did catch Espinoza off guard was the reaction of the media who before the fight claimed Priolo was less than a worthy challenge. "First they say this guy is a bum, then after the fight they are saying Israel did not look good against the tough challenge! Israel was off for 18 months, of course there was going to be some rust. But somewhere around the 7th round the old Israel kicked in and we saw the heart of a true warrior," added Espinoza.

Espinoza added one final quip when he said, "When people come to see Vazquez they know they are going to see a fight. This is not like going to go see Floyd Mayweather, when Israel steps into the ring fans know they are going to get action and that's why they love him!"

As to future plans all Espinoza would say is that Vazquez will not be fighting for the remainder of 2009 and when he fights next year it will be for the "big money" fights. With the landscape of the little guys of boxing getting pretty talented, those high dollar fights won't be hard to find.


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