Ontario, CA Is Upset City

Report & Photos By Roy & Marlene Marquez


A standing-room only crowd at the Double Tree Hotel, Ontario, CA was treated to a night of devastating knockouts, surprising upsets and dominant performances. Leading the way in the dominant performances category, Jose Lopez overwhelmed fellow light welterweight Anthony Mora who retired on his stool between the 3rd and 4th rounds. A tall light welterweight at 5’ 10”, Lopez (26-3) surprisingly gave away a few inches in height to Mora who stands better than 6’0” tall. Nevertheless, Lopez was able to climb the ladder and paint Mora (15-4) with overhand rights. In the second Lopez began winging hooks to the body. Because Mora would not fire back Lopez was able to let both hands fly.

In the 3rd, Lopez literally chased Mora around the ring to inflict more damage. Following the round Mora told his corner he sustained a rib injury and was unable or unwilling to continue.

When Ilido Julio wins a fight he nearly always wins by knock out. Tonight was no exception. With a single left hook at 1:59 of the fifth, Julio (39-15-1) flattened Dominic Salcido and scored his 35th KO in 39 victories. Until the time of the stoppage, the heavily favored Salcido (17-2) had been in complete control of the fight, dictating both distance and tempo with movement. Not that the crowd appreciated the movement. They voiced their displeasure with Salcido’s tactics in the 3rd and again in the 4th. Salcido responded by stunning Julio with a right; knocking him to the ropes with a second; and dropping Julio with a third right hand moments before the buzzer.

In the fifth Julio landed a clean left hand that snapped Salcido’s head. Salcido took offense to getting hit and loaded up on rights and lefts. With Salcido stationary for the first time in the fight, Julio was able to set his feet and fire the left hook that ended it all. Referee Raul Caiz Sr. hovered over the prone Salcido but didn’t bother with the count.

Patrick Lopez walked Tyler Ziolowski to the ropes and unleashed a left hook to the body that ended the light welterweight fight at 2:16 of the opening round. Ziolowski (11-9) was counted out by referee Jack Reiss when he wasn’t able to recover from the punch. Lopez (16-2) looked exceptionally sharp from the start, landing punches from both the orthodox and southpaw stances.

Promising lightweight Daniel Hernandez passed a stern test in defeating iron-jawed journeyman Jose Alfredo Lugo over six rounds. Lugo (10-11-1) is a pressure fighter unwilling to take a backwards step. Knowing this, Hernandez countered the aggression with continuous movement and a thumping left hook. After three competitive rounds Hernandez (8-0) took control of the fight with a four-punch combination that stopped Lugo in his tracks. Lugo never regained his aggression and was battered by the left in fifth and sixth rounds. Judge Marty Denkin scored the fight 58-56 for Hernandez. Both James Jen Kin and Jerry Cantu awarded all six rounds to Hernandez (60-54).

Undefeated featherweight Jesus Pollo Hernandez wanted the win. Once beaten hopeful Aaron Garcia thought he earned the nod. When the decision was rendered the combatants had to settle for a hard fought draw. Hernandez (8-0-2) scored with short, accurate right hands and left hooks to the body. Garcia hooked with both hands while applying unnerving pressure throughout the bout. Toe-to-toe action in the sixth brought the crowd to a fever pitch as the final bell tolled. Judge James Jen Kin favored Garcia 59-55. Judge Marty Denkin liked Hernandez 58-56 while Judge Jerry Cantu saw it a 57-57 draw. Pound4Pound saw it six rounds to four for Hernandez.

Seasoned professionals Raul Franco (22-6-1) and Sergio Macias (14-17-1) waged a spirited six round fight that resulted in a split decision, majority draw. Franco nearly ended the contest early when he buckled Macias’ knees mid way through the first.

Macias pushed the action in the third and found a home for his overhand right. The ensuing rounds were closely contested and left to the eye of the beholder. Judge Marty Denkin scored the fight 58-56 for Franco while Judge James Jen Kin saw it 59-56 for Macias. Judge Jerry Cantu cast the deciding ballot: 57-57. Pound4Pound also scored the bout a 57-57 draw.

Heavyweight Scott Alexander landed the first punch he threw, the final punch he threw, and every punch in between to stop Dusty Callender at 1:26 of the first round. Alexander (3-0) punished Callender with a can’t-miss jab and ended the fight with a big right hand. Callender (0-2) went down once and was on his way to the canvas a second time when referee Jack Reiss called a halt to the action.


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