Pacquiao Stays Focused In Ring To Break Down Cotto
12th Round TKO Gives Him Lucky # 7

By William Trillo
Photos: Bret "The Threat" Newton
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WBO Welterweight Champ Miguel Cotto came out looking sharp early against the fiery quick Pacquiao and was looking to make Manny regret facing him. For a time early in the fight this one had the makings of fight of the year all over it.

Going into round three the fight turned to Cotto’s favor and by anyone’s account he was easily winning the round with strong jabs and straight counters. Out of seemingly nowhere Manny hit Cotto with shots Cotto said he never saw and just like that Cotto was down.

The round that should have been one in the tank for the Champ was suddenly a 10-8 round for the challenger Pacquiao. In an instant the boisterous Puerto Rican fans in the house were on the edge of their seats with concern.

Round 4 saw Cotto come out of his corner more determined than ever as he took it to the tough Filipino fighter and again Miguel was clearly having his way.  Like some sort of bad dream or a version of the movie “Groundhogs Day”,  Miguel  Cotto suddenly found himself on the end of punches he never saw followed by another trip to the unforgiving  canvas.

Cotto would give it his best in the following round and he proved himself a true warrior throughout the fight but the writing was on the wall…Manny was not to be denied.

The tell tale sign in this writers opinion was when all else was falling short for Cotto and he switched to the southpaw stance in an effort to try to get anything to stop the Pacman gobbling. It didn’t work and just like the Ghosts in the arcade game, Cotto began to run to escape Pacman’s ferocious appetite.

Freddie Roach predicted this fight would end in round 9 but much to the proud Puerto Ricans credit he not only lasted through 9, a round he won on 2 scorecards by the way, but went on to give it his best in 10 and 11…the trouble was the best he could do was try to stay as far away from Manny as possible.

Wanting to finish on his feet the gallant Cotto answered the bell for round 12 but Manny had other plans for Cotto’s finale and after the 55 second mark referee Kenny Bayless saw a no win situation for Cotto and he brought the fight to a merciful halt.

The fallen champ was beaten and a new 147 pound champ has risen. His name is Manny Pacquiao and no one can deny he is one of the greatest boxing showmen of all time.

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