Sam Peter, Time For Redemption

By Javier Molina

Samuel Okon Peter is not a man of many words, but inside the ring his fists have done the talking.

Also known as “The Nigerian Nightmare” his one-punch k.o power has earned him the respect of the heavyweight division.

He represented Nigeria in the 2000 Sydney, Olympics games. Sam reached the quarter finals but was eliminated by the heavyweight silver medalist Paolo Vidoz of Italy.

Although he didn’t obtain a medal in Sydney as an amateur he knocked out the super heavyweight Olympic silver medalist Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov.

Since then Peter’s been a man on a mission, to become the heavyweight champion of the world.

Growing up many of his peers called him a dreamer for setting unrealistic goals.

After years of hard work and dedication Peter accomplished his goal of becoming the first Nigerian heavyweight boxer to obtain the most coveted title in sports the “WBC Heavyweight Championship” By defeating former champion Oleg Maskaev On March 8th, 2008 in Cancun, Mexico.

Although he's made millions of dollars throughout his career and now lives a lavish lifestyle in Las Vegas, Peter’s passion and dedication to master his craft has raised his bar. In a recent interview Sam stated "my new goal is to not just become a two time champion, but to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world".

Many of us in the boxing media perceive this as an unrealistic goal, given the fact that he's lost to the two reigning heavyweight champions “the Klitschko brothers”.

In Sam's last bout on October 11th, 2008 in Berlin, Germany; he lost to Vitali Klitschko via 9th TKO. The Ukrainian giant frustrated and out boxed the defending champion.

Sam has stated that he's determined to secure a rematch with both Kitsch brothers, but is fully aware that before a rematch he must first redeem and establish himself as a dominating force in the heavyweight division.

This Friday night March 27, 2009 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles California, Sam is faced with another hungry fighter; Eddie Chambers with a record of 33 -1-18 KO’s ranked #5 by the IBF. The winner could be one step closer to obtaining a title shot.

Since losing his WBC heavyweight championship, Sam Peter has enlisted the services of Manny Masson, who worked with Sam for the two James Toney fights and the Jameel McCline fight.

Manny Masson is a technical specialist, and a strategist of the sweet science.

Also on Peter's team is Ibn Cason, the man responsible for strength and conditioning, his duty is to insure that Sam performs at optimum peak levels. In 2001 Cason was the strength and conditioning trainer for Hasim Rahman when he knocked out Lennox Lewis to become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Sam Peter’s relentless manager Ivaylo Gotzev is the mastermind behind the careers of Sam Peter and former WBO heavyweight champion Sergei Lyakhovich, he's an astute businessman and a fierce negotiator who does not shy away from any challenge. He's a visionary who can recognize talent when he sees it.

In a recent interview Ivaylo Gotzev stated that on March 27th, Sam Peter's has a date with destiny, he's at a cross roads point in his career when he battles Eddie Chambers. His fighter either ascends to another title opportunity with one of the Klitschko brothers, or he becomes an irrelevant force in the heavyweight division. That’s why if you’re a boxing fan, you don’t want to miss this fight live on ESPN Friday night broadcast.