Florida Boxing Hall Of Fame Inducts Former WBC & IBO Heavyweight Champion Pinklon Thomas
Former Champ Talks About Drug Use & The State Of Today's Heavies

By Ronielt Castro

Former WBC and IBO Heavy weight Champion Pinklon Thomas is being recognized by the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame for his accomplishments inside and outside the ring.  Pinklon always set himself apart with his pink trucks and whipping left jab.  Early on in life he was plagued by drugs and crime but boxing provided the outlet that would prove to be his saving grace, and he reached heights unimaginable as a youngster.  Pinklonís first title shot came when he had a record of record of 24-0-1, born in Michigan, won his first World title shot against reigning WBC Champ Tim Witherspoon in August 1984, in Las Vegas, NV.

Twenty five years later on November 13-15 2009 in Tampa, Fl, Pinklon Thomas becomes inducted into the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame along with Wilfredo Vazquez Sr., Luis Manuel Rodriguez, Ralph Dupas, Willie Pastrano, Florentino Fernandez and many more.  Legendary trainer Angelo Dundee and fight Dr. Ferdie Pacheco will also be honored into the Hall of Fame.  Fight fans are invited to attend for more info go to www.floridaboxinghalloffame.com

 I had the pleasure of sitting down with the former WBC and IBO Heavy weight Champion Pinklon Thomas and here is what he had to say.

RC:  How are you doing these days Champ?

Pinklon:  Iím doing fantastic and staying clean and serine doing great.  I know live in Florida, eating right, sleeping, and boxing.  Everyday I thank the man upstairs that Iím alive and off of drugs because I very much enjoying the Florida weather.  Right now, Iím hanging out in Jupiter with the possibility of doing a movie deal about my life story.  You know I went from rags to riches.  Iím so grateful to be here and working with project P.I.N.K that helps out the kids and the community in all aspects.  It is important for kids and people to have mentors.  Dundee, Ali, Frazier, and I all had mentors and some of the greatest fighters had mentors to guide them in the right direction.  I had mentors but unfortunately chose the wrong path, and my hope is that the kids learn from my mistakes and take advantage of the opportunity that is provided to them through project P.I.N.K.  The thing is you donít take anything with you when youíre no longer alive and kick-in the only thing you leave is what you give back to the community and the kids. That is why I came up with project P.I.N.K

RC:  After retiring with a record of 43 wins (34KO)-7-1 you started project P.I.N.K can you tell the boxing fans a little bit more about your program.

Pinklon:  I grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan the lifestyle was coke, drugs, and living the fast life, but I was a young kid and good athlete. Many of my friends went to jail or are dead.  To be honest, I donít know how I made it out of the city.  When I found boxing, people said this kid has heart of the city, but throughout my career I used drugs.  I would still be champ if I hadnít messed around with all the stuff. This is why I want people to get behind project P.I.N.K because itís all about helping the kids to stay on the right path.  Its all about teaching the youngsterís as Angelo says, Iíve been through hell and back.  I have been through the jungle; I havenít read about it or seen it in the movies I lived through it.  This is why itís my mission to get people involved in mentoring the youth of today.  I want to make leaders out of the kids in our program so they can grow up to be presidents, mentors, teachers, lawyers, and doctors. This is why I have to give back because itís only through the grace of boxing that I am here today.

RC:  What do you think about the state of the Heavyweight division?

Pinklon:  It stinks; glad Iím not fighting today because it would make me want to get a job thatís how bad it is.

RC:  Out all your fights champ who was your most difficult opponent and who hit you the hardest?

Pinklon:  It was me that was the hardest one lol.  My most difficult opponent was seriously me because I did stupid stuff.  I was doing all the wrong stuff, and I had mentors but did use them.  It was only years later that I realized the importance of mentors which is why I started project P.I.N.K. that way people donít have to go through the jungle.  I started project P.I.N.K because there are so many kids that need to be mentored and I wanted to start a trend all over the world to teach them to succeed not fail.  I want them to wine and dine with kings, queens, and presidents.  I want them to have the etiquette to sit amongst professional people and speak intelligently not get embarrassed and more importantly to pass it on.

All the garbage I put into my body hit me the hardest but inside the ring Trevor Berbick , Mike Tyson, and anyone with over two hundred pounds hits hard.  Iíve had long nights and short nights.  I remember finishing this one fight and afterwards I had a headache and the headache lasted for two months.

RC:  Is there anything you miss most about boxing?   

Pinklon:  No, because I stay involved in boxing.  I thank Don King for giving me a shot at the title.  No one ever gives Don credit, but I am going to give him credit.  Don King has paved the way for all the promoters in the business.  He has promoted some of the biggest names in boxing.  It comes from the heart when I say Don has mentored these promoters on how to get million dollar purses because he was the first to do so.

RC:  How does it feel to be recognized for your accomplishments inside and outside of the ring?

Pinklon:  ďThe president of the FBHOF said you fought some great fights and had a great left jab.  You were world champion and that no one can take that away from you.Ē What I am doing right now is the most important thing. When you give you receive. I thank my family, my daughter, sons ,  and father we all have a great relationship.  I feel great and still move around.  Itís a humbling experience, and I feel honored to be inducted.  Iím always doing my thing man.

RC:  Pinklon is there anything else you would like to tell the fans

Pinklon:  I just want them to join forces on project P.I.N.K itís going to be so big from east to west and north to south itís going to be project P.I.N.K mania.  Iím proud to be able to pass it on.  I want to see the change in the kids as they begin to grow.  I want it all over the world from Tokyo to Japan from one side of the world to the next.

 People are going to see me put on one hell of an exhibition come November 13-15.  I am lean, mean and going break that heavy bag.

For fans that would like to write to Pinklon, you can email him at Pinklonthomas1000@yahoo.com or write him a letter to Project P.IN.K, P.O. Box 622541, Orlando, Fl 32862.  If you want to send in a million dollars or donate to Project P.I.N.K or if people want to know more about project pink feel free to email him.


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