Poulton, Leonard, Jr. Victorious In Celebrity Boxing

By Barbara Pinnella

Todd “The Punisher” Poulton made his second appearance on Celebrity Boxing and more than made his mark. Last month he won his first fight via a stoppage in the second round. This time he didn’t wait nearly as long, as he knocked out opponent Bob Spencer less than 40 seconds into round one! Spencer, 23 years Poulton’s junior, had no time to even try to find an answer to the power Todd presented. He was hit on the chin by a vicious left hook and that was all there was to it.
On the same card “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Jr. won his first ever fight when he defeated Joe Parkinson. It was not a cakewalk however, as he won the match by a split decision. It was a series of body shots late in the third and final round that took their toll on Parkinson. Leonard, Jr. was of course pleased with his victory, but did admit to being gassed after the fight.
Poulton, who has been signed to a minimum of five fights for Celebrity Boxing, has a much tougher job in store for him next time out. His promoter promised him that if Todd made a good showing in his first two fights he would at some point get to try his hand against Jose Canseco. Well, after his impressive victory this time that fight has been made. In September it will be Poulton/Canseco. Should be interesting, and I look forward to speaking with Jose closer to the fight.
I hope I get to watch it this time. I ordered the fights on tvbydemand, but due to weather they could not be transmitted. Not their fault to be sure, but I was just a bit disappointed that I could not watch the two men that I have had a chance to speak with. Ah well, next time.
Congratulations to Todd, Ray, Jr., and manager A.J.. Vittone.. Keep training hard, guys.
Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,