Ramos Rocks On At Club Nokia

By William Trillo
Photos: Marlene Marquez


It’s already starting to buzz with boxing electricity in Los Angeles as the heavyweight showdown on Saturday night is bringing out all the boxing stars and luminaries who were in attendance at Thursday nights Golden Boy card at Club Nokia. It was a nice warm up for Saturday night as young guns displayed their wares for the chippy Los Angeles fans.

In the main event Light welterweight Luis Ramos 13(7)-0 got in some experience that will pay off down the road in his career as Christian Favela 17(10)-22-6 made it a hard fought battle over the 6 round stretch. Ramos was in control for most of the night but he needed to stay on his toes as Favela proved to be no slouch.

Ramos did not let the tenacity or determination of Favela deter him as he stayed poised and focused throughout the match. Final scores were indicative of his superiority as all judges saw Ramos with a clear 60-54 edge.

Featherweight Charles Huerta 12(7)-1 was looking to make a good showing after his 1st round KO loss in his last fight but Rodrigo Aranda 8(2)-11-2 wasn’t going to have any part of that.

Aranda stretched Huerta over 6 rounds and even though he got a point taken away for a low blow Aranda made it close and some at ringside did not think Huerta did enough to win.

Final scores read 59-54,58-55 & 57-56 in favor of Huerta but….many at ringside were not impressed including yours truly.

Featherweight Ronny Rios 7(2)-0 put another notch in his belt in quick fashion as one sharp right hand dropped Manuel Sarabia 16(10)-30-9 after just 38 seconds of the first round.

Light welterweights Karl Dargan 5(2)-0 & Rynell Griffin 5(1)-2-1 put on a great display of both boxing and punching over the 6 round scrap. Both fighters showed good hand spped combined with very nice movement and skill. But there could only be one winner and after 6 the judges’ cards read 59-55, 59-55 & 58-56 in favor of Dargan.

Lightweight Juan Sandoval made his debut a good one as he put Victor Martinez 0-2 down and out with one picture perfect left hook in the first round at the 2:40 mark.

Pro debuting lightweight Eric Gudoy put a whipping on Javier Solis who was also making his debut. Down in round 1 Solis got up to fight on in round 2 but he took a beating and the ref stopped it at the 2:22 mark.

Gotta admit I am glad I stayed for the final fight of the night as light welterweight Art Hovhannesyan 9(4)-0-1 and Baudel Cardenas 18(6)-19(8)-2 went full speed ahead in this walk out fisticuff bonanza. The 2 exchanged heavy leather throughout but Hovannesyan dropped Cardenas at the end of round 3 and then finished the job when he dumped in 2 more times in round 4 before the ref had seen enough and sent everyone home before round 5 came to an end.


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