Gabriel Rosado Upsets Kassim Ouma
& Undercard Results From Newark’s Prudential Center

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey

Former IBF Light Middleweight champion Kassim Ouma lost in a ten round decision against Gabriel Rosado of Philadelphia. This was a contest between fighters with two very different styles, and from the beginning, it was easy to see that Ouma had to keep Rosado outside if he wanted to win this one.

The first round clearly belonged to Ouma. In fact, it looked like it should be his fight. But first rounds are not the whole story of a fight. Rosado looked more and more comfortable in the ring as the second round progressed. He moved the fight in close, which gave Ouma trouble. Ouma was unable to land the hard shots that he needed to land to win.

Rosado landed three hard lefts to the body of Ouma in the third round. Rosado also was able to tie up Ouma whenever he seemed to get the upper hand. Ouma’s greatest defense seemed to be to just keep throwing punches to keep Rosado out.

The middle of the fight saw Rosado doing a lot of moving around the ring. Rosado showed some good footwork, and Ouma was looking frustrated as he chased Rosado around the ring. When Ouma did catch him, Rosado would simply grab Ouma to stop his attack. Ouma was unable to take control of the rounds. But Rosado was not exactly fighting hard either through the middle rounds. He spent a lot of time running around the ring, and Ouma would simply try to chase him down. It seemed at times to be more of an endurance race than a fight.

Maybe Rosado sensed that he wasn’t doing enough during those rounds. Maybe he was simply saving his energy for the final two rounds. But Rosado seemed to come to life in those final rounds. At times, it looked as though Rosado was going to wear himself out. He was able to catch Ouma against the ropes in the ninth round, and Ouma was unable to punch back. Rosado continued his rally in the final round. The question was would his running and tying up Ouma be enough with the two final rounds to win the fight. It was. Rosado won the split decision. Judge Lawrence Layton scored the fight 96-94 in favor or Rosado. Judge John Stewart scored the fight 97-93 in favor of Rosado, while Judge Thomas Kaczmarek scored the fight 96-94 for Ouma.

The night started out with a fight between Super Lightweights Henry Lundy and Jason Cintron. The fight, scheduled for eight rounds, was over in five. Lundy, from the beginning, controlled the fight. He was able to land more combinations than Cintron. For much of the fight, Cintron was unable to land more than his left jab. It looked as though it was going to be over in the third round. Cintron was not answering a barrage coming from Lundy, but Cintron was able to hang on until the bell. The fourth round started with Lundy continuing what he had started in the third. Cintron was able to change the dynamic of the fight only for a few brief seconds. Then Lundy pressed Cintron back to the ropes. Lundy put it all out there in the fifth round. All that Cintron could do to stop the attack was to grab onto Lundy. But not even that could keep back the attack. Lundy knocked out Cintron at 1:36 in the fifth round.

Middleweight Przemyslaw Majewski of Random, Poland defeated James Lubash of Pittsburg. The temptation would be to compare Majewski to Adamek, especially since Adamek was sitting in the front row—there to announce that his next fight will be in July, but Majewski is a good fighter and will be judged on his own merits. From the first round, Majewski dominated the action of the fight. Majewski spent much of the fight landing solid shots to the body of Lubash. It was not until the fifth round that Majewski started to show the signs that he was starting to tire. Lubash was landing more punches than he had in the prior rounds, and he started out the sixth round looking as though he was in control. But Majewski changed the whole dynamic of the round with a shot to the chin of Lubash. Lubash dropped to his knees that round but managed to survive until the next round. In round seven, Majewski delivered a left to the body of Lubash, again dropping him to his knees. Referee Allen Huggins let the fight continue for a few brief seconds before stepping in. Majewski won the fight by TKO 1:18 in round seven.

If the Irish fans of John Duddy were disappointed by his loss, they were ecstatic by the win of Cruiserweight Patrick Farrell over Doug Bowling. Farrell, a native of Jersey City, had the crowd on their feet as he entered the arena. Now this might not seem like something that extraordinary except for the fact that this was only Farrell’s second professional fight. Farrell’s entrance into the ring took longer than the actual fight. Farrell was able to catch Bowling in the corner almost immediately. Bowling went down twice, a victim of a barrage of body shots coming from Farrell. The fight was over 1:06 in the first round. Farrell winning by TKO.