Surprise! Mayweather Wins!

By Barbara Pinnella

I was one of those in the majority regarding the Floyd Mayweather/Juan Manuel Marquez fight – I so wanted Marquez to win! But even I, still green compared with other journalists who have spent years reporting on boxing, knew that JMM was in trouble when the weights were announced. It didn’t smell right to me, either. And of course, it wasn’t.

I’ve watched the fight twice, wanting to catch anything I might have missed the first time. What I saw was a boxing clinic put on my Mayweather, but it SHOULD have been! He faced a fighter who was overmatched, through no fault of his own. Marquez fought great; he did everything he could do and used all he had to try to beat Floyd and his camp. But there was no way he could permeate Mayweather’s strengths.

From beginning to end, the whole thing felt scripted, and in a way, it was. The writings began when the fight was made in the first place. Then we had the catch-weight chapter, which proved to be a joke. Did he ever intend to weigh in at the agreed upon weight? Nope!

I am so glad that JMM was able to go the distance. I guess I understood it when he was asked a couple of times if he wanted the fight to continue – he could only have won by a knockout. But he is like so many of the tough Mexican fighters, a warrior. They would have had to stop the fight, he would not have thrown in the towel. I really hope that Marquez faces a legitimate fighter who is in his own weight class so he can display all the skills he has. I was there when he fought Joel Casamayor, and I thought that was a really good fight.

The evening was not without its laughs however, at least for me. After the fight a match up was mentioned between Mayweather and “Sugar” Shane Mosley, which immediately led to Mosley trying to get in the face of Floyd, much to the chagrin of announcer/interviewer Max Kellerman.

Was it disrespectful? Absolutely, if I bought it, but I just couldn’t take it seriously. It really seemed as if the whole thing was an act. Look, who walked Mayweather to the ring? WWE superstar Triple H. As I watched the antics unfold I couldn’t help but see instead WWE Chairman Vince McMahon standing between John Cena and Randy Orton as they yelled and pushed around him.

While this was so out of character for the usually polite and soft-spoken Mosley, there still was just something about it that I couldn’t completely buy. I have no idea what, and if I’m wrong then Shane has really dropped down several notches. Maybe he is in panic mode trying to get a fight. But even with the post-fight press conference antics, I’m not convinced. Time will tell, I guess.

Moving on, I can only hope that Manny Pacquiao doesn’t suffer the same fate when he faces the tough Miguel Cotto in November. I am a huge "Pacman" fan, and am looking forward to a good fight.

Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,



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