T'was The Night Before...New Years

By Barbara Pinnella

T’was the night before New Years, yes that’s what I said,
There’s no reason to check as to what you just read.
I know I messed up and admit I am late,
But I’d like to continue, so don’t get irate.

Right now there’s a battle, a fight that is odd.
Does Floyd want to fight, or is that a facade?
Mayweather and Pacman might not meet at all,
So maybe we won’t get to see the big brawl.

Some, they blame Manny for not taking the test,
Say he’s ducking and diving, ignoring the request.
But others say Mayweather and all of his camp
Are afraid of Pacman, that they’re scared of the champ.

Pacquiao’s called “The Pound For Pound King,”
Floyd doesn’t want to hear such a thing.
The Pretty Boy feels he’s the best in the land
And says no one’s better, no one is that grand.

But these aren’t the only fighters that count,
There are certainly more to take into account.
At all of the weights and with all different styles,
They can be found across miles and miles.

There are Ukrainian brothers Klitschko and Klitschko,
These heavyweight boys can really handle a foe.
There’s Pavlik, and Jacobs, and Williams, and Soto,
Jab Judah, and Mosley, Winky Wright, of course Cotto..

JML, he’s in there, as well as Chris John
And “Perro”, Juan Diaz, Gamboa, hold on!
Martinez and Foreman, Chavez Jr., and Ward,
And Lucian Bute cannot be ignored.

See, there are so many – no, boxing’s not dead,
And I’m here to say get that out of your head.
Many fighters and stories to keep us involved
New champs to be crowned, questions to be solved.

The years’ biggest scandal perhaps had to be
The one about hand wraps, and to a degree
It tainted all victories that this man has had,
Left unanswered questions, and that is just sad,

Because Margarito has talent galore,
But that situation is hard to ignore..
If he steps in the ring against a new man
What would the thoughts be, just what is the plan?

Let’s just step away from the fighters for now
And look at the trainer who really knows how
To bring his man up, to peak when time’s right,
Together they’re ready to go come fight night.

That man is named Freddie, and few have to say,
That his last name is Roach, for along the way,
Again and again his skills have been shown,
What he’s done for his fighter is very well known.

Together with Manny they make quite a team,
Champ trainer and fighter, it’s just like a dream,
But there’s always someone who wants their big chance,
Who’s ready and willing and want to advance.

Young trainers, green fighters, they want to be stars
And are willing to put up with those boxing scars,
But right now, at this time, there’s nothing to fight,
Just Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!


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