There’s Life After Pacquiao & Floyd, Boxing Fans:
Two Big Fights Coming Your Way!

By William Trillo

If all the news about fighters scuffling over drug tests instead of fighting in the ring has got you down, and you think 2010 is getting off on the wrong foot, you may change your mind after reading about these 2010 match-ups that are in the works.

It appears that a match is all but set for March that will put WBO light middleweight champion Sergiy Dzinziruk (36-0, 22 KOs) in the ring with interim WBO light middleweight title Alfredo Angulo (17-1,14 KO’s) on HBO.

In April there’s an even bigger sizzler at middleweight that’s ready to be announced by HBO, pitting WBC & WBO 160-pound champ Kelly Pavlik (36-1,32 KO’s) against WBC Jr. Middle interim title holder Sergio Martinez (44-2-2,24 KO’s).

Not only do these fights promise a ton of action, but the winners could then face each other down the road in another barn burner.

One thing’s for sure: these bouts promise more excitement in the ring than watching Pacquiao on a scouting mission trying to track down Floyd “Dances With Stars” Mayweather and make him throw some punches. Heck, even Pacquiao vs. Malignaggi or Tim Bradley would be better fights to watch.

Ask yourself: when was the last time you saw Mayweather in an exciting, evenly matched fight. Try 2002, when Pretty Boy was life and death to beat Jose Luis Castillo in a rematch of their first battle. Since then, Floyd’s handlers have been careful to map out a road with no hills or bumps to make it easy for the self-proclaimed Greatest of All-Time to keep his precious 0.

Bulletin: 2010 can be a vintage year without Floyd and Pacquiao. As one prominent fight manager told me, “The fans don’t even want to see that fight anymore with all the talk about steroids. They’re sick of it.”


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