Tyson Released On Bail
After Scuffle With Paparazzi

By William Trillo

Mike Tyson was released by airport police after he was booked on suspicion of battery against a bottom feeding low life photographer who has nothing better to do with his time than to hang out at the Los Angeles International Airport waiting to pop pictures of traveling celebs.

The former boxer got into a fight in Terminal 7 near a United Airlines counter Wednesday afternoon. Tyson told police a photographer struck him in an attempt to provoke him, while the pond scum photog claimed Tyson allegedly punched him, grabbed his camera and he went down. The photographer suffered a "minor laceration to the forehead," police said. Awwww, did the picture man get a boo boo?

Tyson was traveling with his 10-month-old daughter, and he was reprtedly acting in self-defense when he was confronted by an over aggressive photographer.

Tyson was held briefly in a cell at the airport. He was later transferred to the 77th Street Station and was booked on suspicion of battery and released about 8:25 p.m. on 20,000 dollars bail, local reports said.

Tyson filed charges against the photo hack as well and with the help of a bevy of eyewitnesses and surveillance cameras we can only hope the photographer will be found to blame. Hopefully this will put an end to the Paparazzi at LAX.

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