Whitaker Is All Business
There's Nothing "Goofy" About It

By William Trillo
Pound4Pound spoke with Heavyweight Lance Whitaker before his weigh-in on Thursday as he was a day away from his main event battle with Danny Batchelder in Redondo Beach tonight.
"It's all about starting things off with jab jab and more jabs," said Whitaker. Lance made it clear he is ready to get some work in tonight and he knows with the battle tested Batchelder this is no walk in the park. "Danny has been in with some good fighters so I am not expecting a walk in the park," added Whitaker.
Lance has been in with some of the top heavies himself so this one should be a good battle. With a victory Whitaker said he is looking to get 2 or 3 more fights before the year is out and then he will talk about getting a shot at a title.
The card is packed from top to bottom and should be a good night of local fights.
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