“Boxing at the Beach” - Whitaker Stops Ellis In 1

Report & Photos By John Pinto

Where else in this world, could you go, that you could see, under the same roof, three amateur Heavyweight bouts, a Female Professional bout, two “preliminary” type Professional boxing matches, two MMA fights, and top it all off with a scheduled 12 round WBC sanctioned World Heavyweight Championship contest. This happened at the Redond
o Beach Performing Arts Center – Redondo Beach, CA, this past Friday evening, where “Boxing at the Beach” was presented. Though many of the matches ended rather abruptly, it was, nonetheless, an action packed evening.

Three Amateur bouts in the Heavyweight Division (201+) opened the show. The 3 bouts, in typical amateur boxing fashion were continuous action.

The Female contest followed. Matched against each other were Tina “Lil Tyson” Anderson (142 lbs., Las Vegas, Nevada a, 2-0, 2 Kos) and Tammy Franks (143 lbs., San Antonio, Texas, 2-8-1). From the opening bell, Tina Anderson dominated Franks.

She sent Franks to the canvas at the end of the first round, and from this point, it was only a matter of time. The end came at :51 of the next round. Tina Anderson was the winner by KO.

Next up was a Heavyweight contest between Alex Rivera (187.5 lbs., Las Vegas, Nevada, 1-0, 1 O) and Brandon Bennett (207 lbs., Kokomo, Indiana, 0-2). Rivera exploded upon Bennett from the opening bell.

By the middle of the opening round, Bennett appeared to be finished, and it turned out he was, having dislocated his shoulder. Because of the injury to Bennett, the contest was halted, and Rivera won by TKO.

A local favorite, John Ellis, Jr. (209 lbs., Redondo Beach, California, 1-0, 1 KO), was featured in the Heavyweight contest that followed. He was matched against Patrick Johnson (202 lbs., Kokomo, Indiana, Pro Debut).

Their fight started at a slow pace, but Ellis appeared to be landing the better shots. Johnson suffered an ankle injury toward the end of the second, causing the contest to be halted, and Ellis being declared the winner by TKO, at 2:39 off the round.

Two MMA matches were next. In the first, between Adam Allison (205 lbs., Redondo Beach, California, 2-0) and Lamar Jiles (205 lbs., Victorville, California, 2-3-0), Allison dominated the first half of round 1, but Johnson reversed the momentum, and eventually pounded out a TKO victory, winning due to strikes at 2:20 of round 3.

In the second, Sean “Destroyer” Leoffler (193 lbs., Redondo Beach, California, 16-4-0) dominated Steve “Caveman” Schneider (185 lbs., Kansas City, Missouri, 13-17-1), winning by a verbal submission at 2:30 of round 1.

It was now time for the Main Event, which was scheduled for 12 rounds in the Heavyweight Division, with the WBC USNC Championship at stake. The contestants were Lance “Mount” Whittaker (249 lbs., Van Nuys, California, 33-5-1, 27 Kos) and Matthew Ellis (211 lbs., Blackpool, UK, 20-8-2, 8 Kos). Whittaker dominated Ellis from the start, utilizing some very effective combinations, eventually stopping him in his tracks. “Mount” Whittaker was the winner by KO at 1:39 of the first round.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening of Amateur & Pro Boxing, and MMA contests. There are plans to bring more shows here, the next one scheduled for October 9th.


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