Williams Wins Majority Decision Over Martinez In Fight Of The Year Candidate, Both Down In First
One Judge Must Be Fired For Scoring Only One Round For Sergio

By Bret "The Threat" Newton
Photos: Naoki Fukuda

Paul Williams (now 38-1, 27 KO's) fought in 12 amazing rounds and won a majority decision against Sergio Martinez in fight that was almost too close to call and a draw may have been the best outcome. Both traded knockdowns in the opening round and both fought hard the entire 12 rounds.

In round 1, Williams came right out to pressure Martinez. A left hook high on the head sent Martinez down midway into the round. Martinez seemed unphased by it. At the end of the round, a huge left hand on the chin sent Williams staggered then down into the ropes. Williams was much more hurt.

In round 2, Martinez started teeing off on Williams, making this look like an easy fight. Williams' head was being snapped all over the place.

In round 3, Martinez again putting on a great performance and Williams seemed to neglect his height and reach.

In round 4, the tide began to turn as Martinez started to tire and the constant pressure by Williams was catching up with him. The two started to trade and the fight was a war. Sergio was staggered at the end of the round.

In round 5, the two again traded in the center of the ring, with Williams starting to find his rhythm.

Williams appeared to take rounds 6 and 7 as the fight began turning in his favor.

In round 8, Sergio came back and started landing right hands to the head this time.

In round 9, Williams evened the score.

In round 10, Martinez came right back.

In round 11, Martinez again appeared to be landing more clean shots, right through the guard of Williams.

In round 12, the round that seemingly would be the deciding factor of the fight, Williams was all over the tired Martinez who could barely stand on his own two feet. The two traded and ended an instant classic fight.

Final scores were 114-114, 115-113, then an absolutely ridiculous 119-110.

Pound4Pound scored the fight 115-114 for Williams, but we scored the first round even 10-10. If we give that round to Martinez, we end up with 114-114 which is how the fight rightfully should have been scored, however there were no losers in this truly great fight.

Martinez falls to 44-2-2, 24 KO's.


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