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  Tomasz “Goral” Adamek Defeats
Kevin “The Clones Colossus” McBride
In An All Out War At The Prudential Center

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey


Although many doubted McBride as an opponent, Main Events had it right when they billed the fight as “The Last Big Hurdle.” McBride is slower, they said. McBride doesn’t have the skill, they said. The fight will be over by the fourth round, they said. However, no one told McBride any of these things. McBride beat Mike Tyson in 2005. Maybe it was an older, no longer in his prime Mike Tyson, but McBride beat him just the same. And he came to give Adamek a fight. In the end, Tomasz Adamek won the fight. He made it past the last big hurdle. Now, if all things go as planned, Adamek will fight a Klitschko.

Adamek had the skills to beat McBride. McBride had the power and the size to beat Adamek. McBride outweighed Adamek by 70 pounds and was 4 ½ inches taller. Typically the smaller fighter wants to fight in close to be able to land his punches, but Adamek found himself in trouble every time he was fighting in close. Adamek’s strategy was simply to come in land a few shots and move out. As long as he was doing that, he was safe. But when McBride could get a hold of him, Adamek was in trouble.

Adamek and McBride were fighting in close in the first round. Referee Randy Newman warned McBride for holding Adamek behind the head. As soon as Newman signaled for the action to continue, Adamek jumped right in. Adamek was landing combinations, but McBride never seemed to be affected by it. This continued into the second round. For most of the round, Adamek was landing four times the punches that McBride was landing. Then right at the bell, Adamek went down from a left hook from McBride. Newman never ruled it a knock down or a slip. McBride came out in the third round energized. He was turning up the pressure. But once again, McBride was holding Adamek behind the head and landing his shots. Adamek adjusted his style some, coming in landing only two punch combinations and moving again. Adamek ended the round with a strong combination.

Adamek started the fourth round with a quick combination to the head of McBride. McBride was trying to catch Adamek on the ropes. McBride was staying closed up in the fifth round, opening up only when he was throwing a punch. McBride was looking for that one big punch, the one that would put Adamek on the canvas. McBride was able to catch Adamek on the ropes, but Adamek slipped out. McBride chased him to the other side, only for Adamek to land a combination.

In round six McBride once again turned to holding and hitting Adamek. McBride knocked Adamek back to the ropes. McBride hit Adamek behind the head. Adamek returned with a shot to the back of McBride’s head. McBride then knocked Adamek back to the ropes and into the cameraman on the outside of the ropes. By the end of the round, Adamek was looking tired. McBride was energized by the start of round seven. Adamek started to focus his attack on the body of McBride. McBride once again grabbed Adamek behind the head. This time Randy Newman took a point from McBride. Adamek started out on the attack in round eight, but McBride pushed Adamek into the ropes. Adamek was once again trying to keep his distance. Then McBride knocked Adamek into the cameraman on the other side of the ring. Adamek was finding himself caught against the ropes more and more.

By the ninth round you had to really question McBride’s strategy. At one point McBride hit Adamek with an elbow. At another point in the round, he was once again holding Adamek behind the head and throwing punches. This time Randy Newman was not in a position to see. And throughout the round, it looked as though McBride was trying to hit Adamek into the cameramen. However, maybe it was all coincidence, maybe it’s just what happens when a “colossus” fights a smaller man.

Adamek once again was in control of the fight in the tenth round. Adamek was slipping punches through the upraised arms of McBride. McBride was having trouble landing as Adamek kept moving. It was Adamek’s second wind. In the eleventh round Adamek started out moving right and then moving left. He would move in land a quick combination and move out. McBride was slowing down. Adamek landed a hard right to the head. Adamek was looking energized.

The twelfth round started with both fighters on the attack. McBride started the round chasing Adamek, but Adamek turned it back on McBride. Adamek was landing combination after combination. But Adamek found himself running from McBride after he landed a hard shot that staggered him. He survived that shot and turned up his attack. Adamek ended the round landing combination after combination, one after another.

The judge’s scores don’t reflect the war that this fight was. Judge Lynne Carter scored the fight 119-108. Judge Robert Grasso scored the fight 120-107. And Judge Larry Hazzard Jr. scored the fight 119-108. As a heavyweight, Tomasz Adamek has had to outwork his opponents. He has been the smaller fighter, and each time he has proved himself the better fighter. Now it is time to prove himself against a world champion.

Crowd favorite Sadam Ali had little trouble defeating Javier Perez. Ali wasted no time in taking the fight to Perez. He was using his jab to back Perez around the ring. Ali knocked Perez to the canvas with a left hook in the first round. At the end of the round, Ali staggered Perez with a left. Ali kept up the attack. Perez was holding onto the ropes to keep from going down at the bell. In round two, Perez was hurt from a left. Perez was keeping his distance. Ali ended the round with a flurry of punches. The fight was over by the third round. Ali threw a left hook, knocking Perez to the canvas. Perez didn’t survive the count. It was over by 2:40 of the third.

Light Heavyweight Andrsejz Fonfara knocked out Ray Smith in the fourth round. From the beginning Fonfara was cutting of the ring. Fonfara staggered Smith against ropes. Smith got out, and Fonfara chased Smith to the other side of the ring. He once again staggered Smith with a right and knocked him out with a left. The fight was over at 1:04 in the fourth.

Featherweight Joselito Collado defeated Rafael Lora by split decision. Judge Waleska Roldan scored the fight 56-57 for Lora, judge Luis Rivera scored the fight 57-56 for Collado, and Judge Hilton Whitaker scored the fight 59-54 for Collado.

Junior Welterweight Jose Peralta won by TKO over Eber Luis Perez. Peralta staggered Perez in round three. Peralta followed it up with a left hook, knocking Perez to the canvas. Referee Allan Huggins stopped the fight at 2:49 in the third.

Welterweight Vinny O’Brien now has a record of 2-0 after his defeat of Shakir Aquel Dunn. O’Brien out boxed Dunn from the second round to the fourth. It looked as though the fight was going to go the distance, but Referee Earl Morton stepped in and stopped the action at 2:51.


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