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  One On One With Joachim "Ti-Joa" Alcine

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

From 1999 to 2004, Joachim Alcine was one of the most promising prospects in Canada with an undefeated record of 21 wins and 14 knockouts. Along the way, he won the Canadian, IBA, WBA Fedalatin and NABA light middleweight titles. His first knockout win over the very popular Stťphane Ouellet really made Alcine a star. Soon after, his victories over Carl Daniels, Marco Antonio Avendo and Javier Mamani made him a contender. In 2007, an inspired performance on strong southpaw Travis Simms made him the WBA light middleweight champion and the first ever Haitian born champion in boxing.

Unfortunately, in July 2008, a single left hand for Daniel Santos turned the dream of Alcine into a nightmare. He lost his title and was badly knocked out. After two lackluster showing with Eric Mitchell and Christophe Canclaux, Alcine tasted defeat again in a brutal first round technical knockout at the hands of Alredo Angulo.

For Joachim Alcine, all theses events are in the past, what matter now is the present and the dream to reclaim is championship belt. After a two years absence in Canada, Ti-Joa is back. But first, he must get through
David Lemieux, which will be no easy task.

Today, Alcine agreed to talk about his career

Jeff Emond Jeffrey : Good Morning Joachim . How are you?

Joachim Alcine: Iím doing very well.

JEJ: December 17 2004, you won a first round knockout over hometown hero Stťphane Ouellet. How do you picture your victory?

JA: Itís a huge accomplishment for me. Ouellet was and will remain one of the biggest stars in Canada involved in boxing. At this time is return to the ring was highly anticipated after a three years absence and I felt I had to give the performance of a lifetime and I did. But my goal was to make the fans of Ouellet my fans, since he had a huge popularity especially with is win on Davey Hilton Jr. I saw that fight like a passing of the torch.

JEJ: From that point, you have beaten notable opponents like Carlos Bojorquez, former WBA light middleweight champion Carl Daniels, Elio Ortiz, Marco Antonio Avendo and Javier Mamani. How do you feel about those victories?

JA: Very good, because those are good and durable fighters that I beat to make it to the top. None of those fights were easy and i worked very hard in the gym to secure those wins.

JEJ: In july 2007, you became the WBA light middleweight champion by defeating Travis Simms in front of his home crowd of Connecticut, USA. How do you describe this fight?

JA: Well, I knew i had to be careful against Simms, he was favoured to win it by the Americans experts. That guy could punch and was a southpaw. More so, I had to fight him in his backyard like you said. In the first rounds, I studied him and felt his power a little bit, but I had the fight well under control. If I remember correctly I lost a point for hitting behind the back of the head for no good reasons, so I felt they would try to take away my lead. So I stepped up my rhythm and brought him down in the ninth round of the fight. I finally made my dream come true and became champion. But i have to say, this was not the best of me, even if I won, I know I can always do more and improve. You will see in December.

JEJ: After your loss to former 3 times world champion Daniel Santos and Alfred Angulo, some experts and writers said that you were done and you were slower in the ring. Do you agree with this?

JA: Not at all. Those losses were benedictions to me, I learned a lot in those fights and did good things in the Santos fight. I got hit by a punch that I could not see and this sort of thing happens all the time in boxing. But I wasnít focused in the Santos fight, in fact I felt lost even before the fight happen, my mind was not set on him. Now Iím very focus and I donít thing I slowed down, because I never had a better training camp then the one Iím having right now. I canít wait to be back in the ring again. The most important thing for me is to motivated and totally focus on what I have to do to beat Lemieux.

JEJ: Did you felt left to yourself your former promoter GYM and management team after the Santos fight?

JA: In some ways I did. But thatís all in the past right now and Iím not coming back for vengeance, god will handle vengeance, not me. I just want to prove to them that I can beat Lemieux, more importantly I want to prove it to myself.

JEJ: Some people think you are a stepping stone for a hard puncher like Lemieux. They even said that you wonít last long in the ring, referring to your first round Technical knockout lost to Angulo. Your reactions?

JA: My goal is to prove them wrong of course. I know Lemieux is gonna come hard and early like in all his fights. But I will keep him at bay and make him lose a lot of steam. As soon as it happens and it will, he will be defenseless and Iíll hurt him.

JEJ: Thank you for your time Joachim and good luck

JA: It was my pleasure.


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