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  Alcine & Lemieux Get “Nosey” On TV

By Daniel Cloutier

The Montrealers boxers Joachim Alcine and David Lemieux will be nose to nose in the ring Saturday evening, few seconds before the beginning of this WBC International middleweight championship, at the Bell Center Theater. Today, they were close to nose to nose in a TV interview in Montréal.

“The more the moment is approaching the more I am persuaded that this fight will turn like the fight between Mayweather-Ortiz,” said Alcine. “Lemieux will try to take my head off, he will be unable to do it, he will become frustrated, and he will start to commit technical errors that will put him in trouble. Like Floyd Mayweather Jr. did against Ortiz, I will be patient, difficult to touch and accurate with all my punches. In the second half of the fight, Lemieux will suffer like never before.”

Lemieux (25-1-0), a boxer of only 22 years old, was smiling while listening to Alcine (32-2-1), a veteran in the ring. “I don’t know if the fight will be short or long, but I can promise you that the Joachim’s face will be ugly if the fight goes to the limit, said Lemieux. Alcine said few days ago that his jab will drive me crazy. I don’t care about his jab. I will bust his defense, and believe me, each time I will touch him with my power shots, you will see the panic in his face.”

Alcine said again that his long career taught him to win with pain, something that Lemieux does not know.

“Alcine seems to believe that he is the master of the “suffering wins”, said Lemieux. It is ridiculous. He lost tough fights, and he will lose another one Saturday night.”

Then, David Morrissette, the former goon of the Montreal Canadiens, who was conducting the interview, asked to each fighter to reveal the most important weakness of the opponent.

“Lemieux has weakness, but it is not my intention to reveal them, said Alcine. I don’t want to help him to make the adjustments...”

Lemieux replied, “No doubt in my mind that the most important Alcine’s weakness is still his jaw. His reactions were always bad against strong punchers. You will see how he will react when I will hurt him.”

Morrissette then asked each one to predict the result of the fight.

“I will clearly win the fight,” said Alcine. “I am a more mature boxer than him. My maturity and experience are so important in a big fight.”

Lemieux replied, “I will clearly win that fight. I am like a lion in a cage, and watch me when the door will opens. I am faster and stronger physically than him, and you will see in action a David Lemieux more persistent than ever. The more that the fight will go, the more it will be painful for Alcine. Watch me...”


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