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  Alcine Predicts Bad News For Lemieux

By Daniel Cloutier

Joachim Alcine met the Montréal journalists Monday at the end of the afternoon, at the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport. He said that he had perfect preparation in Miami.

“I had perfect physical preparation, and mentally, it can not be better, said Alcine. There is no doubt in my mind that I will beat David Lemieux. David does not show me the respect that I deserve, I will punish him severally. In my last fight, I was hot hungry, I did not show a killer instinct, but I will get this killing instinct next Saturday. I will feel like a lion, when the door of his cage is opened. What happens when a lion get out of his cage? He his jumping on his prey, and the prey cannot survive. David thinks he can knock me out, but he will get a surprise, a big surprise. And when he realizes that our fight will be long, he will panic, not me. Lemieux said that a “New Lemieux” will face me, but I can tell him he will face a “New Alcine” with a lot of intelligence and experience.”

In July 2008, Alcine lost the WBA super welterweight world title in Montréal by KO against the Puerto Rican Daniel Santos. At his last major fight, in July 2010, in California, he lost by TKO in the first round against the Mexican Alfredo Angulo.

“The GYM group offered me a fight with Lemieux in believing that I am a declining fighter,” said Alcine.” I am suggesting to Yvon Michel to open his eyes and watch me when the fight starts. He will realize that he made a big mistake in putting me in the same ring with Lemieux. The determination that took me to the world championship in 2007, is back. Bad news for Lemieux and Yvon Michel.”

Lemieux and Alcine, who will fight in a WBC middleweight international championship Saturday at the Bell Center Theater, will be involved in a public training session Tuesday at the historic Corona Theater. Wednesday, they will meet again, at the final press conference, at the Radio-Énergie radio station.


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