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  Alcine Surprises Lemieux In Montreal

Daniel Cloutier

The young Montrealer David Lemieux promised to his fans to hurt the veteran Joachim Alcine in each round, Saturday evening in the ring of the Bell Center Theater.

He did not do it.

Alcine, a former WBA super welterweight champion of the world, was more energitic than Lemieux in the second half of the fight, and his good preparation paid off. Alcine took a lot of power shots in the first half of the fight, but never did he fall. Alcine (33-2-1) won the fight by majority decision (116-112, 116-112 and 114-114), and he dethroned Lemieux as WBC International middleweight champion.

Lemieux got Alcine in the ropes in the last minute of the first round, and he attacked him with power shots during more than 45 seconds in a row. Lemieux sent other power shots in the second, forcing Alcine to be very careful.

In the third, both fighters took care of their defense, but, each time Lemieux was sending solid hooks and the crowd was reacting favorably for the home town fighter.

Alcine had his first good attack in the fourth, two very good attacks, but Lemieux replied punch for punch.

In the fifth, Alcine was in a rage. His several power shots put Lemieux in trouble for the first time of the evening.

In the 6th, Lemieux threw the best punches of the round, but Alcine took everything smiling. Alcine seemed more calm and energetic than his young opponent at this point.

Alcine was very defensive in the 8th, and Lemieux took advantage of the situation. He sent several good solids hooks and right hand.

In the 9th, Lemieux tried to send Alcine on the floor with power shots, but the Alcine’s replies were solids.

Lemieux was very tired in the last three rounds, Alcine put a lot of pressure on his opponent, and placed him in serious trouble.

Lemieux, who lost a second fight in a row after 25 wins (24 by KO), was clearly out of gas in the last two minutes of the bout.

“Lemieux hits hard, but he never hurt me,” said Alcine before leaving the ring. “There’s absolutely no doubt that my big experience made the difference in the result of the fight. I did not waste my energy like David did in most of the rounds. But David has not to be ashamed. He lost against a former champion of the world. I can predict that this young fighter will be champion of the world in a couple of years. However, I told you that my preparation was perfect, and who can deny it? You will see me fight on the international level in 2012. I have now the experience and the maturity to win another world title.”


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