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  Alexander Gets Split Decision Over Matthysse;
No "Redemption" Evident, Just More Questions

By Bret "the Threat" Newton


Devon Alexander (now 22-1, 13 KO's) wanted to show a lot to the boxing world after his poor performance over Timothy Bradley earlier this year. While he did appear in more trouble against Lucas Matthysse in front of his hometown fans in St. Charles, Mo., Alexander still didn't show "great", which was what the card was billed, let alone is his nickname.

Alexander no doubt came out with a new attitude and game plan to try and capture everyone's attention once again. Matthysse, however, was able to withstand everything Alexander had new to offer, but with much more in return when power came into play. In round 4, Matthysse landed a straight right hand on the chin that sent Alexander down for the first time in his career. Alexander (although continuing to fight this time) had "holding" as his Plan-B. Alexander would hold for nearly two rounds straight just to get his bearings back and out of harms way.

In round 7, Matthysse could no longer be held and unleashed his power shots in a completely one-sided round where Alexander simply leaned against the ropes. In round 8, Matthysse offered much of the same, only Alexander was willing to trade with him this time. Alexander paid the price of being staggered to the ropes on more than one occasion.

In round 9, Alexander began to keep away, using his jab and refusing to get into any kind of exchange whatsoever. Matthysse was unable to get inside.

In the 10th and final round, both men let their hands go, but it was Matthysse forcing Alexander to the ropes often and opening up a cut over Alexander's right eye.

Two judges, however, saw the fight differently and scored the fight for Alexander at 96-93 and 95-94. The third judge had it 96-93 for Matthysse which is how it appeared to go down. Matthysse was booed during his entrance to the ring, while Alexander was booed by his own hometown fans after the the scores were announced. Matthysse takes his second controversial loss at 28-2 with 26 KO's.


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