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  Alvarez vs. Cintron & Broner
Teleconference Quotes

We Didnt Pick Cintron For Canelo Because We Think Hes Past His Prime.

By Barbara Pinnella

After Oscar de la Hoya welcomed us to the call, he told us that Canelo is ready for the tough challengers; for all those who try to derail the Canelo Express. The main event with Alvarez against Cintron will be held in Mexico City.


Im here and ready. We had a great training camp. Now I just have to worry about making weight, but Im ready for Cintron.

He was asked about his fight with Alfonzo Gomez. I felt good in the Gomez fight, he said. I didnt stick to my game plan but still won. But Cintron is bigger and stronger, and hes a better fighter than Gomez. Im not thinking about making a statement, Im just going to do my job.

We will have a top Mexican fighter going up against a top Puerto Rican fighter, so what about Mexican pride, does that bring any higher level of motivation? Well yes, I am motivated. But more than anything Im motivated by the level of competition that Kermit brings. Hes a tough fighter, but Ive prepared well.

That preparation includes practicing those things that Alvarez needs to improve on to continue to grow as a fighter. Ive been working at sitting down on my punches a little more and being a little more stable in my footwork. Also working on my head movement. I look at a lot of videos and am working at correcting mistakes Ive done in the past.

Canelo does not feel that he has to win convincingly. I just have to win. I dont worry about all that other stuff (opinions).

Finally, he was asked for his view of the Pacquiao / Marquez fight. It was a good fight, I dont think there was any wrong-doing. Maybe they give Pacquiao a little more credit because of his name.

Yes, the young man knows how to choose his words.


The only opponent that had done real damage to Cintron was Antonio Margarito. Understandably, this question had to come up. Did Kermit think that Antonios gloves were loaded in that last fight with Tony?

Only he knows, but it sure made him look bad. Do I have questions about it, yes, but I have no proof. Margarito was the only fighter to hurt and cut me. Cotto and I both ended up the same way. Im a clean fighter.

This fight means a lot to Cintron. I was shocked when I first got the call. Im definitely ready for him. I come in well-prepared. Im in great shape. Ive been thru ups and downs, but Canelo hasnt had that experience Ive had. Im coming to take his title away from him. I feel Im a better fighter than he is. I have to prove that Im the best 154 out there.

What were his thoughts of this fight being held in Canelo country? To me its exciting, he replied. Im not worried about being in Mexico, I think its going to be a fair fight. I just hope the judges do the job the correct way. But I know he wants to knock me out, and I want to knock him out. Its going to be a great fight; Puerto Rico against Mexico.

I think a win would erase all the doubts. That draw (against Sergio Martinez) really hurt my career. No excuses, but that was a terrible performance by me. I think the win would put me in the top three; Cotto number one, then Canelo, then me. I just have to worry about myself. Ill take it one round at a time to make sure I come out victorious.

Kermit was accused of not being the fighter he once was. Ive had my ups and downs, that doesnt mean that Im a shot fighter, it doesnt mean that I suck. Ive had my bad nights and good nights. I still feel great. If thats how they want to take me, its a big mistake on their part.

Which made Eric Gomez, matchmaker with Golden Boy feel it necessary to jump in and add something. Thats not correct, that we picked him because we feel hes past his prime. We picked him because hes the next step in Canelos development and hes one of the top fighters in the world, and its time to face these top fighters. So by no means did we pick him because we feel hes weak, or hes done, or he sucks. Kermit Cintron is a legitimate, world title type fighter, and he deserves to be on this kind of stage.


The second part of the double-header will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio, featuring the undefeated Broner going up against Martin Rodriguez (34-2-1, 19 KOs). If we were to sum up Adrians feelings on his upcoming fight, it would be this:

Have your popcorn, your pop, and all your snacks ready, because this fight could end at any time. Im trying to be World Champion.

But obviously Broner had more to say. He admitted that camp was hard. Thats what training camp is about, he explained I ran six miles every day, strength and conditioning Tuesday and Thursday, and sparring 14-20 rounds three times a week. Ive had about six sparring partners. It got real messy in camp, he chuckled. a couple of broken parts its boxing. For the most part it was fun. Ill take ya out to eat, and then punch on you a little bit.

For me, he continued, the biggest issue the last week of the fight might be the scale. You have to beat the scale, but I do that with no problem.

He doesnt watch tapes of his opponents. He feels that it is pointless to watch another fighter fight the man you will face. Id rather make my own adjustments in the ring.

He realized that he took some criticism for his first round knock out of Jason Litzau and had this to say. I didnt go in looking for the knockout, it presented itself and I just took it. I knew I could knock the guy out any time I touched him, but I was going to let it present itself, and when it did I just seized the moment. So I did box myself into it.

Adrien is happy to have this fight in is home town of Cincinnati, where almost half of his fights have been. But he doesnt assume anything.

I train for every fight like it is the toughest one of my life.

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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