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  Busy Day For Andrade & Ornelas
Highlighted By Visit To Hometown

By William Trillo

Librado Andrade & Enrique Ornelas were on the move in Guanajuato on Tuesday and it was a day that will be remembered by everyone who was present, fans, friends & family. The day started like any other day for fighters headlining a big card, and that would be the press conference to announce the fight to the media, of which there was plenty. The guys took time to answer questions for all the press in attendance.

The next stop of the day was the highlight event as the fighters made to the trek to their hometown of Jesus Del Monte. Words can not express the feeling of the day and all the people who live in the humble town. It was truly a great time for all as the two met with their Father in the home they grew up in. Their Father displays all the same attributes as his sons, it was a true pleasure to meet him.

School let out soon after their arrival and the kids from the town could not get enough of their heroes. The kids watched and followed their every move and you could see the look of amazement in their eyes as they spoke with both brothers. This small town was brimming with warmth and it was an honor to be part of the festivities.

Rounding out the day was another vigorous workout in Leon for the energized fighters. With but 3 days left before fight night neither fighter showed any signs of cutting any corners and really got down to business at the gym.


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