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  Jonathan Arellano Locked N' Loaded

By Carlos Cordoba

Ontario’s Jonathan Arellano 10-0-1, 2KOs captures the WBC Youth Intercontinental crown by defeating Fresno’s Michael “El Unico” Ruiz Jr. 8-1-1, 3KOs. The hometown boxer fought a well thought out fight on his way to a unanimous decision victory in an 8 round super bantamweight bout, which featured two promising, young and unbeaten prospects.

Arellano’s, 25, victory headlined “Locked ‘N Loaded,” presented by Thompson Boxing Promotions at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA.

The main event’s opening round was a study session as both fighters carefully analyzed one another, not letting go of much. The unbeaten fighter’s began to pickup the pace in the following rounds. Jonathan Arellano seemed to be settling into the bout by the end of round three. He went on to floor the talented Michael Ortiz Jr. with a right hook in the latter half of round number four. The knockdown came after Ortiz dominated most of the round. It would be the story of the remainder of the bout.

Ortiz was winning round number four prior to being dropped by Arellano. He immediately got off the canvas and continued to fight, often landing straight lefts from his southpaw stance. But every time he would make progress, Arellano would take it away with a calculated body attack at close quarters or his straight rights from a distance.

Jonathan Arellano proceeded to close the show with a dominant display of powerful straights in the eight and final round. Judge Fritz Warner scored the bout 80-71, while Max De Luca scored it 79-72, and Sergio Caiz had scores of 79-72 all in favor of the partisan fighter.

Sindy Amandor Wins UD

Sindy “Alacrana” Amador 5-0, 1KO earns a hard fought unanimous decision against Mayela “Cobrita” Perez 4-15-2, 3KOs in the prelude to he main event. Amador came out swinging and never stopped. The favorite’s right hooks would follow her left hooks. They landed consistently to the body and upstairs. It was an all out assault. Surprisingly, Perez never waivered stood her ground amidst the assault.

Mayela Perez deserves a lot of credit. She stood in front of Amador and exchanged with her through out the 6 rounds of the straw weight bout. She is much better than her records states; however, her valiant effort was not enough to slow Sindy Amador’s constant attack. All three judges ringside tallied the bout in favor of Amador with Fritz Warner scoring, Max De Luca and Sergio Caiz scored it 60-54, 59-55, 58-56 respectively.

Contreras Remains Unbeaten

Richard Contreras 7-0, 6KOs knocked out Olvin Mejia 4-5-3, 4KOs in round one of the scheduled 6 round super bantamweight fight. Contreras first hurt Olvin with a quick and powerful left hook and went on to close the show with two consecutive right uppercuts in the opening round of the bout.

Riverside’s Alex Viranmontes Pleases Partisan Crowd

Alex Viranmontes 10-8, 3KOs stuns this writer with a unanimous decision victory over previously unbeaten Jhon Ortega 6-1-1, 6KOs in a thrilling 6 round junior welterweight bout.

Ortega was faster, stronger, quicker, and more skilled than his opponent. His Left hook to the body may be his most impressive punch. Ortega seemed to be in control until he encountered Viranmontes left hook seconds before round three was to end. The hook sent him reeling to the canvas and only the bell may have saved him. The following two rounds were a toss as Ortega boxed and Viranmontes pressed the action.

The sixth and final round saw the partisan boxer catch Ortega with another left hook as he lay against the ropes. The hook hurt Ortega but he managed to stay up as the crowd cheered on Riverside’s Viranmontes. When the final bell rang, the Judges ringside felt Alex Viranmontes did enough to pull the upset victory. Fritz Warner gave him a 58-55 lead on the cards; Max De Luca and Sergio Caiz both had it 57-56 in favor of the Henry Ramirez trained boxer out of Riverside, CA.

Yayo Walks Down Opponent

Joshua “Yayo” Berrelleza 1-0 scores a majority decision victory against Alberto Tovar 0-1 in a 4 round bantamweight bout. The fighters began their professional career boxing cautiously. Tovar suffered a cut beside his right eye in the begging of round number two, a result of an incidental head bunt. He wasn’t the same after the after the cut.

Joshua Berrelleza went on to control the action. He walked down his opponent the entire four rounds. The fourth and final round saw Yayo find his greatest success as he put some nice combos together initiated by his right. Judges Max De Luca and Sergio Caiz scored the bout 39-37 for Berrelleza, while Judge Fritz Warner tallied a draw 38-38.

Rigoberto Flores Rises From Canvas and Stops Rashad Hughes

Rigoberto Flores 1-1, 1KOs earns number one by knocking out Rashad Hughes 0-1 in a short but entertaining bout. The two hungry fighters’ may have pulled out the most entertaining opening round of the Night. Hughes won the round scoring two knockdowns in round one. Albeit, Flores wasn’t having it! He immediately pressed the action in the following round and eventually caught Hughes with a right that sent him to the floor for the first time. Maywood Club’s Rigoberto then followed through with another straight right followed by a left that closed the show. Referee Tony Crebs stopped the bout at the 1:47 mark of round number two.

El Matador Wins Pro Debut

Fernando “El Matador” Rojas wins professional debut by earning a unanimous decision against Mauro Brenes 0-2. El matador began the fight by doing some pretty decent work from the outside. He one flaw came when he allowed his counter part inside; thus, giving away his height advantage. The action opened up in the latter half of the second round after Brenes landed two lounging left hooks. Those blows opened up the action and brought out the best in Rojas who went on to control the remainder of the bout with his height and superior boxing skills. Judge Fritz Warner scored the bout 39-37, Max De Luca scored the bout 40-36, the remaining judge ringside scored the bout 38-37 in favor of the debutant out of Riverside, CA.


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