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  Arellano “Thund’r’s” Over Ruiz
To A WBC Championship In Ontario

By Barbara Pinnella

Thompson Boxing Promotions put on their monthly event at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, California. This time it was Locked ‘N Loaded. The main event was for the WBC Youth Intercontinental Super Bantamweight Championship between Jonathan “Lil’ Thund’r” Arellano (10-0-1, 2 KOs) and Michael “El Unico” Ruiz, Jr. (8-1-1, 3 KOs). This fight was scheduled for eight rounds, and on paper, promised to be an exciting one. But sometimes things are not as obvious as they first seem.

The first round was a bit slow as the men were reading each other a bit. In the second though, things got a lot more active. Arellano had Ruiz on the ropes a couple of times but Michael was able to fight out of it and then make an attack of his own. A fairly close round.

Ruiz came out strong in the third, a round that was full of action. Both fighters were able to land the leather and score points.

The fourth round was looking like a super one for Michael. Ruiz was dominating the round when a quick left hand from Jonathan dropped him near the end of that fourth. With that knockdown, Arellano caught fire. He was much more the aggressor in the fight and showed a lot of power behind those punches.

From the fifth round on it became obvious that Ruiz was never going to hurt Jonathan. It seemed as if he might be able to early on, but he began to look weaker and weaker with each passing round, while Arellano kept getting stronger. Same story in the sixth, and the seventh. The more powerful and faster Jonathan was in complete control.

In the eighth and final it was the Jonathan Arellano show. He was consistent and accurate. We went to the scorecards, and it was no surprise that all of the judges saw the fight in favor of “Lil’ Thund’r” with the scores being 80-71, 79-72, and 78-73. Arellano is now the new WBC Youth Intercontinental Super Bantamweight Champion and provided Ruiz with his first loss.

The little stick of dynamite called Sindy Amador (5-0, 1 KO) took on Mayela Perez (4-15-2, 3 KOs) in a Strawweight fight scheduled for six rounds. In true Amador fashion, Sindy came out swinging, but Perez was able to connect as well.

In the second we saw much of the same. These two female fighters were aggressive and tough, no doubt about it. Both of them were landing their punches, and there was no slowing them down in the third.

Round four saw blood coming from the nose of Amador, not that it slowed her down at all. But for all of Sindy’s fury, Mayela was insisting on staying right in there with her. Neither woman was going to give in here.

The final round was no slower than the others. Don’t know how many punches these two threw, but trust me, it was many. Going to the scorecards, the judges saw it 60-54, 59-55, and 58-56 for Amador. If it matters, I did not see the fight a sweep for Sindy. Winning, yes, but all rounds? No.

This was a much better fight than the last time I saw Amador, due primarily to her opponent. Perez had no quit in her, and fought nothing like her record indicated. She deserves credit for her performance, and at the end of the night, had to have made some fans.

Richard Contreras (7-0, 6 KO’s) went toe to toe with Olvin Mieja (4-5-3, 4 KO’s) in a Super Bantamweight fight scheduled for six rounds. Contreras improved on his statistics almost immediately. It took him only 1:05 to put Mieja down for good in the very first round. After hurting him with a big left, he then just pummeled Olvin until the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

We saw our biggest upset in a Welterweight contest scheduled for six rounds. Jhon Ortega (6-1-1, 6 KOs) put his six knockout victories streak on the line when he faced off against Alex Viramontes (10-8, 3 KO’s). Once again, statistics can lie. This fight looked to be a cakewalk for Ortega if you just read those stats, but there is always more to it than that.

Round one saw both fighters doing some scoring, but neither taking control. A pretty even round with nothing spectacular by either man.

Round two went back and forth also, but it was at the end of round three that the biggest surprise came. A perfectly placed left hook by Viramontes put Ortega flat on his butt. He looked both stunned and a bit shaken, and as he got up the bell rang.

An action-packed fourth round saw both of the fighters trying to finish off the other and close the show. That didn’t happen, but this was a good round. They continued their attack on each other in the fifth.

The sixth and final, and what a round it was! Just when Viramontes had Ortega in trouble on the ropes, Jhon came back. Then Alex took over again. This continued throughout the entire round. We again went to the scorecards and were told that it was 58-55, 57-56, 57-56, all for the winner…Alex Viramontes! This was quite an upset, and one that Ortega apparently had a hard time swallowing. He was not a happy man after suffering his first loss. But many kudos to Veramontes. He fought a good fight and obviously proved to be a much tougher opponent that most thought. This fight should boast his confidence a bit.

A scheduled four round Bantamweight fight saw both fighters making their professional debut, as Joshua Berrelleza faced off against Albert Tovar. Both fighters looked a little anxious in the first round of their debuts, but they were both able to connect with some punches as well. In round two there was a lot more holding, and the fighters were a bit wilder than in the first, as demonstrated by an accidental head butt suffered by Tovar.

The holding continued in the third. When there were punches thrown it was a definite back and forth effort. A much more active final round. Joshua really tried to jump on Tovar to avoid all the holding, and was successful at it. There was barely any holding and a lot of punches thrown. By far the best round of the four. The fight went to the scorecards; 39-37 twice for Berrelleza and 38-38, making the winner Berrelleza by majority decision and giving him his first pro win.

Someone was going to put a win on their record on this night, as Rashad Hughes (0-2) went up against Rigoberto Flores (1-1) in a scheduled four-rounder in the Welterweight division. Both men were exhibiting power here, albeit a little wild. A left hand by Hughes dropped Flores roughly 20 seconds from the bell in round one.

That just seemed to rile Flores up. He came out in round two like a beast, and took it to Hughes. After dropping him with a barrage of punches, the fight briefly continued. That was shirt lived, however, as Rigoberto went on the attack again and put Rashad down and out at 1:47 of the second round.

In the first fight of the evening, Fernando Rojas made his professional debut against Maurco Brenes (0-2). This fight was to for a scheduled four rounds in the Lightweight division. An active first round for both fighters, with Rojas doing a good job for his first three minutes as a pro. In round two Brenes got in a good left and then right that staggered Rojas a bit, but as the fight went on Rojas came back strong. His left did some damage, and Maurco looked hurt at the end of the round.

Back and forth round in the third, with both fighters getting in some hits. Rojas seemed to do the most damage when he connected, however. The fourth and final saw both men taking to the other. This was a very physical fight for the four rounds, and these two gave their all. We went to the scorecards, and the judges saw it 39-37, 40-36, and 39-37, all for Rojas. He puts up his first stat, and it is a 1 in that win column.

Some things are consistent when one attends a Thompson Boxing Promotion fight in Ontario. You know the fans will be geared up, the fighters will play to a full house, and the fights will be entertaining. A fun evening at the Doubletree!

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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