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  One On One With Kevin Bizier

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Pound4Pound had the opportunity to talk with welterweight prospect from Saint-Emile, Quebec, Canada Kevin Bizier. With a record of 14-0-0, 10 KOís, Bizier is known for his fierce punching power. Today he talked to us about his career, his recent victory and his upcoming fight on the biggest card of the year in Montreal, Saturday May 21.

Good afternoon Kevin, Do you have time for an interview?

Kevin Bizier:
Of course, I would love too!

P4P: How did you start in boxing?

KB: I started at 13 years old. My passion for boxing came from my father. From that point Iím still doing what I love.

P4P: How do describe yourself has a fighter? A knockout artist or a boxer puncher?

KB: Maybe more of a boxer puncher. But deep inside of me, I am a fighter. It means I love a good fight, but Iím starting to work on many aspects of my fighting style to improve my skills. Right now, Iím working on my counter punching ability. Because after a while the other fighters know your style, so you have to versatile and unpredictable.

P4P: You achieves a lot in your young career. You have defeated many opponents much more experienced than you. Your thoughts?

KB: Iíve been able to do that with the help of my trainer Mike Moffa and with a lot of hard work in the gym, you canít win if you donít work. We always train like madmen in the gym and it paid off in my performances.

P4P: What can you tell us about your first round knockout victory over Edgar Ruiz in February?

KB: Ruiz had a great reputation and a record of 22 victories with 14 KOís, a draw and only 8 defeats. I knew he had much more experience than me. I expected an 8 round fight. He caught me with a left uppercut, so I realized I had to be more active. After that I tried to put pressure on me, but I counter punched him 3 times with a good left hook and knocked him out midway in the first round. I did not expect that, but I am happy the knockout came by itself. On that night, I was prepared like never before.

P4P: Your next opponent is Mauro Lucero ( 46-14-1, 32 KOís ), he faced the likes of former IBF light welterweight champion Vince Phillips, Larry Sharpe, Joel Julio, Kelson Pinto to name a few. More so he holds victories over former WBA light welterweight champion Frankie Randall, Saul Duran and Bladimir Hernandez. How do you feel about facing your strongest opposition yet?

KB: He faced many very good fighters and I am ready for him. I gotta be careful, because Lucero can punch. At first, Iím gonna have to take my time to study him and see what he is gonna do. Since I am less experienced than he his, I really think heís gonna try to hurt me early. That is why I have worked a lot on my counter punching skill.

P4P: Will you try to win by knockout?

KB: I donít aim for the knockout. If the win comes that way I will be happy about it. My power punching ability is a tool and I want to show the fans that I have other great abilities in the ring.

P4P: Thank you for your time Kevin

KB: It was a pleasure and itís gonna be a good fight!


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