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  He Was Beating & Cheating,
But "Canelo" Couldn't Stop Hatton

By William Trillo & Marlene Marquez @ Ringside


I was wrong about my assumption that "Canelo" would take out Hatton early and this would be another mismatched battle tonight. This was a very evenly matched fight...for a couple of B fighters.

Light middleweight Saul Alvarez looked anything but spectacular in his unanimous decision victory over Matthew Hatton to take the vacant WBC light middleweight title.

There was never a glimmer of hope that Hatton had any chance at all, but through getting hit on the back of the head and then getting hit on the break a few rounds later, Hatton never officially went down and he never gave up. Another way to look at that is to say Alvarez did everything he could to KO Hatton, even cheat, but he didn't have enough to muster up a KO and was stretched to the limit.

"Canelo" had Hatton busted up and bloody early, but the tough bloke from Manchester would never quit like some fighters I won't mention, (Andre Dirrell). Hatton has nothing to be ashamed of here. He didn't quit, he didn't cheat, he didn't come in overweight and he didn't get knocked out which spoiled the plans of Golden Boy who wanted to turn Alvarez into a Super Star tonight. That didn't happen.

Instead Alvarez will walk away with an undeserved 154 pound WBC strap and will have to calculate his future plans carefully. From the looks of his performance tonight the young man is a long way from becoming the next Oscar. He was hand fed an opponent to destroy and although he won darn near every round he fell far short of being amazing.

Martisoryan, Angulo, Cotto, Mayorga and even a countryman by the name of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. must be licking their chops hoping to get a fight with The Cinnamon Boy after seeing tonight's ho-hum performance.


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