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  Osnel Charles Defeats Local Philadelphia
Favorite Victor Vasquez At Harrah’s Chester

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: Edan Davis


Joey Eye Boxing Promotions and matchmaker Don Elbaum put together a terrific night of boxing for the first ever night of fights at Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pennsylvania. What made it such a good night was that it was not predictable. Several local favorites lost to opponents that were evenly matched, something that does not seem to happen too often. Not even the main event was safe. Local fans who came out to see lightweight Victor Vasquez had to watch as Vasquez was out boxed by opponent Osnel Charles.

From the first round it was evident that Charles was there to win. Charles threw the first punch, and from that point he kept up the pressure. Vasquez was having a hard time landing his shots. This continued into the second round. Charles was controlling the pace of the fight with his jab. When Vasquez did get in and land a few good punches, Charles punished him with a flurry of combinations. Vasquez could not seem to get his rhythm as Charles was constantly moving and still landing his shots.

Vasquez started to pick up the pace in the third round. He was landing more of his punches. However, Charles kept doing what he had been doing in the first two rounds. He was moving around the ring, landing his shots with little trouble. Charles continued to out punch Vasquez in the fourth round. He backed Vasquez onto the ropes and unleashed a flurry of shots. Vasquez was able to get off of the ropes. Near the end of the round, Vasquez threw a punch at Charles while moving forward. Charles stepped around the punch, and Vasquez went into the ropes.

By the fifth round, however, Charles had begun to wear down. He was caught with a left that stunned him. Vasquez seemed to sense this, picking up his pace. He really came alive at the end of the round with a brief flurry of punches before the bell. When the sixth round started, neither fighter was in control. It was an all-out brawl in the center of the ring. Charles lost his mouthpiece from a punch. After getting it back in, Charles was able to back Vasquez onto the ropes. He was putting more pressure on Vasquez. Vasquez was fighting back, realizing that a knock out was his only chance of winning. He was throwing wide hooks, hoping that one would catch Charles and knock him out. Charles, however, just kept battling back. The fight went to the judges’ scorecards. Two of the judges scored the fight 58-56 for Charles; one had it even at 57-57.

In the fight before the main event, heavyweight “Big” John Poore lost to Zeferano Albino. Albino with a record of 3-12-2 seemed like no opponent for Poore who has a record of 21-4. However, records can sometimes be deceptive. Poore looked good in the first round. He was using his jab, putting pressure on Albino, and backing him around the ring. Poore looked like he would have little trouble defeating Albino. But everything changed in the second round. Early in the round, Albino caught Poore in the corner and landed three hard rights to the head of Poore. Poore was stunned but was able to escape the corner. Albino kept the pressure on Poore. He backed him into the ropes two more times, each time unleashing a several rights. Before the round was over, a large lump had developed under the left eye of Poore, forcing it closed. Then, when the bell sounded, Poore looked confused, not sure which way to go. On the advice of his corner, the fight was stopped. Albino added his fourth win by way of TKO.

The night started with another local losing to their opponent. Lightweight Joey Tiberi of Delaware lost to Corey White of Ohio. Tiberi came out in the first round looking for a brawl. His hands were fast, landing combination after combination. Tiberi was proving to be a tough puncher, but it was yet to be seen if he had any defensive skills. Although White was having trouble getting his punches off, he was showing that he had some boxing skills. White was able to stagger Tiberi in the second. This was the moment that changed the direction of the fight. Tiberi was still throwing more, but he was not landing solid shots. By the third, White was gaining confidence. He was going on the offensive as Tiberi seemed to be running out of gas. Tiberi was spending most of the round backing up from White. White knocked Tiberi down in the third. Although Tiberi got up, the referee stopped the fight at 2:33 seconds in the third. Corey White won his pro debut by TKO.

The second fight of the evening was between Super Middleweights Kyle White and Pete Yates. White came out aggressive in the opening of round one. As long as he was setting up his right with the jab, he seemed to have little trouble with Yates. But near the end of the round, Yates threw a right, cutting White over his left eye. Gaining confidence, Yates was putting more pressure on White. Yates knocked White down early in the round. He kept the pressure on White, backing him into the ropes and almost knocking White down again. By the end of the second, White now had a bloody nose to match his eye. White, however, seemed to have Yates figured out by the third round. And Yates was looking tired. When he would throw a punch, it was a single punch, a punch thrown in desperation hoping for a knockout. Yates was totally out of gas by the fourth. White just kept circling Yates and landed his punches with little opposition. All three judges had scored the fight 38-37. Two scored for White; one scored for Yates.

Middleweights Stephon Burgette and Todd Erikson fought to a draw. In the first round, Burgette had little trouble with Erikson, backing Erikson into the ropes again and again and landing combination after combination. Burgette again was the aggressor in the second round. Erikson would try to hold to keep Burgette from landing his punches. In the third Erikson caught Burgette with a hard right. Burgette was charging in with his head down, and Erikson was able to capitalize on it. In the fourth, Erikson was backing Burgette up. Both were swinging wildly at the bell. Two of the judges were split, and one scored the fight an even 38-38.

Heavyweight Joey Dawejko defeated Taheed Wheeler. Dawejko was the aggressor in the first round. Wheeler did not pick up the pace until the end of the round, much too late to make a difference. But this carried into the second round. Wheeler was now much more aggressive, backing Dawejko around the ring. Dawejko by the third was once again in control. Although Wheeler was backing Dawejko up, it was Dawejko who was landing the majority of the punches. In the fourth Dawejko staggered Wheeler twice. All three judges scored the fight for Dawejko.

Welterweight Eric Draper surprised the crowd with his win over Adrick Butler. Draper was controlling the fight early in the first round. He was chasing down Butler for most of the round. In the second, Draper staggered Butler with a right. In the third, Butler started to fight like a man who realized that he could lose. The round started out as an all-out war. Draper kept up the pressure, backing Butler into the ropes. Butler punched his way out. But Butler kept his distance after Draper landed a hard right to his head. The fourth round was once again a back and forth brawl. Draper won by majority decision, with one judge seeing the fight as even.


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